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Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Loser's Dream

So much time is spent daydreaming and hoping for better days but like myself, we sit and do nothing. Why do we desire things that we are not willing to work for? Unsatisfied with the accomplishments of the past we dream of the success of the future, but how can we look forward without acknowledging the past? Satisfaction of the things that have been acquired is the food of the successful person. Only when one can appreciate what they have accomplished can they accomplish more and reach their ultimate goal. But its easier to dream and whine about the problems of today. It is easier to blame others for our failure. Sometime it is comforting to see others fail and sometimes we get a warm homey feeling condemning those who were able to take the initiative to move forward. What causes this self-destructive hate? Are we born to aspire but not acquire? Are we so blinded by the norm of failure, that we no longer desire the better days but dream about it? The taste of success is relaxing, for the sweat that preludes it were sweat of determination. Unlike money, time is spent whether we like it or not, we just got to learn how to spend it.


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