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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Song from the past

It’s the moments when we feel vulnerable but, not afraid that a song of our past penetrates our soul. It stirs up emotions that we have forgotten but, we desire to feel them again. Music creates a strong familiar sensation of happiness, depression, relief, sadness and hope. Though we yearn to be happy, there is a certain odd sensation of happiness brought about through the sadness of music. The sensation of belonging and relief intensifies the sadness and we bathe in its comfort. As the comfort warms our hearts we are relieved from its prison as the tears that flow from our eyes take away the pain. Hope then slowly sinks in and life reveals itself as not being all that bad.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Gods of Sycah

      Sychah, a space that is contained within itself. It infinitely loops within itself and outside itself was inside itself. Sychah is bright and white and full with the Gods light, for the Gods lived within Sychah. The Gods of Sychah has always been like Sychah. The Gods of Sychah has played and enjoyed the existence within Sychah. Neverending enjoyment of their power that stimulates the creation and destruction of things far beyond the grandness of time itself. Their power is infinite and flows in and out of their entity without loss or gain.
            A strangeness soon entered into Sychah, for one of the many Gods decided to rest. Rest was not known to the Gods of Sychah. The never grew tired and never desired rest. Angilonghachikani became the first God that rested and in tih rest he became a spiral of great and wondrous dust. The Gods of Sychah were astounded by tih resting beauty and shortly after other Gods of Sychah to follow. As more and more Gods rested, the brilliance of Sychah dimmed and as it dimmed more and more Gods rested. Not to long after all the Gods were in deep slumber and Sychah was now covered in a thick darkness. All the Gods slept except for one, Golukinomnokimo. Tih didn't wanted to rest like the other Gods for tih desired to stay awake and not followed in the footsteps of tih fellow Gods. Unwilling tih, decided to sleep like the other Gods but only for an eternity.
            As tih rested, tih entity dissolved into trillions of powerful fiery spheres which contained tih power. They scattered outward in a spiral fashion like Angilonghachikani. As Golukinomnokimo sleep deepens, figments of tih imagination took form as spheres of matter. These spheres where not like the fiery spheres for they contained very little energy and in a beautiful fashion the figments circles the fiery spheres throughout tih resting entity. As Golukinomnokimo entered tih final stages of rest, tih begot the micro figments which brought for life on specific figments throughout tih entity. Googols of micro figments materialized on the surfaces of Golukinomnokimo figments. This became the beginning of the eternity for the micro figments. Golukinomnokimo, like the other Gods, were taken to a newer level of entertainment and imagination for the Googols of micro figments called living things were enough to keep the Gods of Sychah asleep. But when the eternity ends, the gods would awake and both the aware and unaware micro figments of the Gods would all collapse into nothingness as the Gods of Sychah resume their former self.

Tih:- Neutral pronoun of he,she,her and his.

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

The Child is dead

I used to cry a lot.

Words used to hurt me.

People used to hurt me.

I used to think that the world was full of nothing but joy.

That blue skies and puffy clouds were my daily greeting.

That the fresh air would be the air I will breathe for life.

Even on the rainy days the sweet smell of rain was bliss.

But now, I am adult.

Saturday, September 04, 2010

Rugged Gem

I believed I met the person who understood me and all that things that I believed they shared. I believed that this person was worth the change for I have yet to find another that saw the world as I have seen it. This person was a gem in my eyes. One of a kind. This person was the person I was looking for all of my life. I have only met this person twice in my life and I was grateful beyond belief to meet this person again. I felt complete and happiness filled my existence like never before.

            Time passed and the person that was a gem undid all the things that they claim they were.  This person made me believe that they shared the same values and insight that they once claim when we first met. This person; the gem, continued to reflect the behavior of my feelings towards me.  But this behavior was not a reflection of their feelings. This continued for a while. And during that time this person betrayed and abused my trust four times. This person was supposed to be my friend. The friend I long for, the friend that was promised when I first met them.

            The first time my trust was betrayed I was stricken with a pain that cannot be described by words. I could not think or sleep. The part of me that was given to them was being abused and each moment the part of me that lingered in them betrayed me and my soul was attacked. Hate was growing but the hate was from the hurting of my soul.

            The next time my trust was betrayed I pretended that I was being overly critical and harsh and this gem made me believe that I was. It wasn’t too long after this betrayal that my gem betrayed me again. The time that I needed the gem the most it did not shine nor did it glittered. It lost all of the luster that I saw before. The gem sacrificed the friendship we had for another. I was again hurt but I overlooked it because I blindly cared for the gem that did not care for me but made me believe it did.

            Then, their was the final betrayal. The one that injured my soul and the one that shattered my reality. The betrayal that opened my eyes to all of the cracks and imperfection of this gem. The betrayal that revealed that I was enchanted by just a rugged stone. This rugged stone purposely and with full intentions placed everything that I thought we had on the burner and burnt it without mercy. My soul wept. My soul cracked and all that made me whole was taken away from me. Every second, of every minute and every minute of every hour that this gem betrayed me my soul died. The hurt that I felt generated hate. The hate then made me hurt more and the hurt generated more hate. I saw the pieces of the rugged stone inside my gem before and I ignored it. I foolishly believed that it was a gem. 

            This gem was not a gem from the beginning and from the beginning I was enchanted by a rugged stone. But, now that rugged stone holds the gem that I created inside of it.


The One That Was Once

The one I believe that was the one for me wasn’t.

The one that was once for me lied to me.

The one that was once for made me think that I was also the one.

The one that was once for me fooled me for a long time.

The one that as once for me played me like a fool.

The one that was once for me wasn’t my friend the whole time.

The one that was once for me was searching for others while with me.

The one that was once for me used all that I can give to find others.

The one that was once for me took part of me.

The one that was once for me never cared for me.

The one that was once for me seek only its benefit.

The one that was once for me is heartless.

The one that was once for me still has a place in my heart.

The one that was once for me I wish was never the one for me.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010


So many constants and so little variables. More and more replicas of the same thing. They are either clones on  the inside or clones on the outside, its hard to decipher which on of these constants are a potential variable. Some of these constants pretends to be a variable but they are incapable of being a fake variable for too long. For their very nature kicks in without they even knowing and they return to their constant nature. However, there are variables. They are not easy to find in a world of replicas and constants.

Monday, February 18, 2008


In the year 2040 and a relatively new company Zyac discovered the key to eternal youth. The founder and owner of Zyac, Tim Maghoon who was also one of the scientist that work at the company made a breakthrough discovery in the human soul. Tim founded Zyac using the funds he had saved over the pass ten years working for Neotron where he specialized in robotics. Tim, who was now fifty five years of age was beginning to feel the deterioration of aging. This natural problem triggered the research in aging and was the reason for the formation of Zyac. After five years of research and development, Zyac had not gotten any closer to finding an anti aging solution. All conventional methods and understanding of aging lead to dead ends. In desperation Tim resorted to avenues that were non conventional and in some cases non scientific. It was this deviation that lead to the creation of Eden.

Tim turned to religious books that spanned all religions. After thoroughly researching these books and their perspective on life he went on a limb in the belief that the human was a soul. A soul was the combination of life and the body. If one was absent from the equation there was no soul or no living being. The absence of life from the body leads to death or a dead person. Only after six months of studying persons of all ages, race and sex he accidentally discovered a new type of energy which he dumbed L energy. L energy was the energy that keeps the life in the soul equation. This theory was confirmed after measuring L energy on living people and people who were about to die. Living people had high amounts of L energy while people who were dying and then died were rapidly losing L energy and upon death all of their L energy was depleted.

After several failed attempts of creating a visualizer for recording and measuring L energy, Arthur Chase ;an associate of Tim, manages to create the L Energy Imager (LEI). With the LEI, both Tim and Arthur were able to clearly understand the behavior of L energy. Using the LEI, L energy can be clearly seen more along the lines of a spirit. Babies and children L energy or spirit appeared to be fused to their body, while older or dying people their L energy or spirit can be seen outside of the body almost detached. It was discovered that, L energy was at its strongest at ages of 0-28 years. After which the strength of L energy depletes steadily. Further analysis revealed that L energy was actually stable between the ages of 0-28 and slowly becomes more unstable in the years there after causing the body to degenerate in the process. With this knowledge, Tim and Arthur worked steadfastly to find a way of stabilizing L energy. This was very important for them because they were becoming of age and death by aging was inevitable for them if they didn't find a solution.

At the brink of hundreds of failures, the couple was finally able to stabilize L energy with the creation of Eden. The prototype version of Eden was a sphere that contained all the necessary elements needed to directly interact and stabilize a person's L energy. It took five additional years of testing before Eden was approved by the state. Upon being certified, Zyac began its first implanting of Eden to the public. The Eden implant was securely placed behind the sternum in which it would eventually be grafted into the bone from the emission of chemicals that makes the outer layer of Eden. After which the Eden implant becomes a permanent fixture to the person and from that then onward the person implanted with Eden was forever twenty eight. Tim and Arthur were the first to receive the implant and only after a year they change from sixty year old men to twenty eight year old young men. It wasn't long before Zyac became a multi-billion dollar company and was sorted out by everyone in the world. Tim resigned and settled as the passive owner of the company. Arthur followed suit and received a hefty payout upon resignation.

All was good for Zyac until the saturation of Eden on the market began to cut into the profits. With Eden being so well made, it had no known expiration date and it didn't seem as if it would expire anytime soon. In order to maintain profit margins and to take advantage of an entirely young population, Zyac created replaceable enhancement modules for Eden. These enhancement modules added new perks such as enhance strength, speed, healing and intelligence. There were even modules for the modules so that the enhance intelligence module also came with learning modules such learning new languages, learning how to cook, fight, repair cars etc. Zyac began to rake in more cash than ever before since these modules needed to be replaced rather frequently which was every month at a minimal cost.

In 2080 a modified version of Eden was created by an underground entity called Eve. This modified version allowed the carrier of to consumed the L energy of another person. Because of this, it was called the Vamperic Eden. In the process of consuming someone else's L energy, the devourer's strength, speed and agility increased with every kill slowly becoming more and more super human with each victim. Eve believed that they were reinforcing the natural life cycle of man and that man was meant to die naturally. When Tim Maghoon read about Eve and its Vamperic Eden, he quickly returned to his lab where he created EO and EDLER. EO (Eden Overdrive) was a specially made Eden that supercharges L energy allowing the carrier to match or surpass carriers of Vamperic Eden. EDLER (Eden Destroyer L-Energy Rejector) was a weapon specifically made to destroy Vamperic Edens and cause the person's L energy to reject future Eden implants. Tim carefully selected a group of five individuals to form a team called the Serpent of Eden. With the Serpent of Eden Tim hopes to destroy Eve's twisted ideology.

Monday, January 07, 2008

Pleasurable Foolishness

Infatuation is a pleasurable foolishness that is hard to shake. Reality escapes you the moment logic and reason decides to take an unusually long walk. What makes it worse is the realization that you are infatuated. All that is left is to wait or hope that someone or something guides common sense back to his home but, until then you're nothing but a slave to lust and hope. Well in the case I am referring to is being infatuated without the other party knowing and hiding it at the same time. I just can't wait for the foolishness to end, so that I go back to doing other foolish things.

To Ponder

It’s good to ponder but, sometimes the limitations of our minds become the poison in pondering. We think and conceive of concepts to explain our reality. However, these concepts may lead to further confusion or misunderstanding. Not all the thoughts we conjure are negative, there are some that are profound and so thought provoking that it forces change in our lives. It is these small moments of success that allows us to continue studying and contemplating the reality that surrounds us. One thing that I am sure of is that the reality that we experience and see everyday is nothing but clay to our minds.