Via Vision

Thoughts flow like a river and here is the place in which the river becomes a waterfall.

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Tree of Words

Compile words to convey a positive thought creates a seed.
Compile words to convey a positive thought water the planted seed.
Compile words to convey a positive thought germinates the seed.
Compile words to convey a positive thought bring forth a feeble plant from the germinated seed.

The plant grows either slowly or rapidly depending on the conditions that surrounds it. Words of negativity stop its growth and can cause it to wither. Words of internal and external encouragement cause rapid growth making the plant into tree. As time goes by the world would be shaded by its leaves and strong branches, and during the spring the flowers would comfort our harden hearts.

Tree of shade and tree of joy, don’t forget the originators of the compile words.

I don't want love

People say they search for someone to love them, yet they are unable to love themselves. No one besides the one that created you would love you if you don’t love yourself. Then there are the people who say they are looking for a loving person, but always linger with the folks of hate. When would they stop lying to themselves and say they hate love and love hate, for the ones full of love are always around. In a world of distraction its easy to fall prey to the things that are meaningless or the things that only satisfy for a time, but love satisfies the soul for all eternity for it is the essence of our humanly existence.

Freedom Not to Choose

The freedom to choice is the freedom to make the wrong decision. How many times must one allow someone to make the wrong decision? Why is it that the burns from making the wrong choices seems so trivial that it leads to the making of the wrong decision again? When would the makers of wrong decisions learn from their mistakes? Are they so blind that in their minds they never had a choice? Then if that is the case, let us liberate them from the task of deciding.

Monday, July 11, 2005

The world of I

I care only for myself, for I have more important things to worry about. I work at a place where I earn my money. I pay my bills and I have bills to pay. I am tired so I must sleep. I am hungry so I eat. I have no time to care about your concerns for I am busy with my own problems. I want to be left alone so that I can accomplish my goals. I want to be number one so that I can be recognized for the things I have done. No one but me understands the pains and troubles I go through. I need time to think so leave me alone. I am all alone.

The world of ‘I’s is a lonely world. Once there was the world of ‘We’ now there is the world of ‘I’s.

Thursday, July 07, 2005

Forgotten Master

Self-destruction is inevitable to the ones who seek and desire the things that live not. It is silly how life is worth its share in gold and other worldly things, but at the same time life is needed to enjoy these things of the world. The people of the world have given you the power to control the resources of the nation, but you the servant of the nation have betrayed its master. Now the masters are servants to the master appointed servant. When the blood leaks from the veins of the forgotten masters like a broken plumbing then and only then would the masters would reclaim their position. But just like before, the masters would return to slavery and continue the cycle that would only be ended by the intervention of the forgotten master of all masters.