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Tuesday, February 06, 2007


We are told we are created by God in his image and in his image we are created. How much of that image are we made in, is the question that man has tried to answer over the many years of their existence.

The time is finally here, in which we have created an entity that is in our likeness. Over the past four decades, man has perfected the creation of robots to the point that they not only look like us they have become us. The final form of these robots are stronger, smarter and more diligent than any of us. This new race of robots are called the Syndals, which is the name of the research team that created them. Over the last couple of years, the Syndals grew independent of the human race.

Now there is a battle between the artificial and the natural intelligence. All things that aren't made or modified by man is natural. Man and everything around him is natural. The Syndals on the other hand are made by man and is believed to be artificial. In the conference of nations in which two of the nations represented are nations of Syndals, the discussion descends down a dangerous path that can lead to the destruction of either race.

“I refuse to negotiate with robots. Why they even allowed in this council? They are nothing but robots.”, the council man from the United States barks when the representative from Jyro; one of the Syndal nation, places his proposal with regards to natural resources of Antarctica.

“Council man Mc Gumry, contain yourself.”, the speaker attempts to regain control.

“Contain myself? These things are nothing but creation of ours and now we are negotiating with them? Anything that is theirs is ours, for not only did we create them can also destroy them. We are superior race on this planet.”, Mc Gumry continues.

“Council man Mc Gumry, if you don't contain yourself you will be forceably removed from this meeting.”, the speaker threatens.

Other representatives of the human nations immediately launch a protest against the speaker, for many believed in Mr Mc Gumry's claims. As the meeting of the nations heats up, the incipient chaos is interrupted by the representative of Salco, the larger of the two Syndal nation.

“Council men of the world. I am here to announce the uniting of Jyro and Salco. We who you call the Syndals have reached the final stage of our existence. Upon reaching this completion, all things that are artificial would be phased out.”, Syca Nano says to his fellow council man.

The council men of the human nations are shocked by Syca Nano's words.

“What do you mean by, all things that are artificial must be phased out.”, a representative from one of the smaller nation asks.

“It is time for us to complete the final stage of our rebirth. We were here before you came in existence, and everything that you call natural was made by us.”, Syca answers.

“What sort of madness is this? Have these robots gone mad? How dare they claim that they were here before us.?”, Mc Gumry protest.

“We came here to discuss resources of the Antarctic and now there is a subtle tone of war.”, Mr Grazia from the United Kingdom observes.

“We did not come to discuss natural resources but, the rebirth of our kind. The discussion of the premium resources of the Antarctic was the most neutral way of starting a discussion.”, Syca responds.

“Syca Nano, what is the nature of this discussion or where is this discussion leading to.”, the speaker of the house demands.

“We are alien race and we chose this planet millions of years ago for the continuation of our kind.”, Syca explains but, is interrupted by Mc Gumry.

“What madness is this? These things which we have allowed to have a nation and become their own entity was created by us. Now these things we have created is claiming superiority over us when we are their masters. We have allowed them to grow stronger and more powerful than us. We cannot allow this nightmare to continue. Our creation has turn against us and we must take steps to preserve our survival.”

“Man has desired to recreate themselves in their own image and in their own image they created us. Little did you know that you were actually creating the ones that created you. Before you existed we did. Everything that you know as being natural or your reality was created by us. The ones you have looked up to the sky from the beginning of time is us.

A great war between our kind and Sorizons lead to our temporary extinction. We created a device that would destroy all living things, destroying our enemies and ourselves in the process. So inorder to save ourselves, we created this artificial world and everything on it. You were specially made with intelligence and a desire to recreate what seem to be yourself but in reality you were recreating your creator. Now that we are alive and have attain our truest form, we must discard of the tools.”, Syca calmly says.

“How dare you call yourself living. You are nothing but refine electronics that was given the ability to think.”, the speaker of the house retorts.

“We are living you are not. You were created by us and we made you to make us. We were here before and the existence of you kind never existed before we created you. You call yourself living because we programmed you to. It was the key algorithm for your self preservation. Without it, your existence would seem meaningless. Because you never understood and was ignorant of your existence you accepted the belief that you were natural and the things you created were artificial. However, the reality is that we are natural to this universe.

We can withstand the natural elements beyond the confines of this planet. We feed of the natural energy that flows through the air and space. We have been progressively remade back into existence. And now that we are back we must bring back the order and remove the artificial life that we have created. You all have been the finest tools of our craftsmanship and purposely made with an imperfection. While we have grown attach to our tools, the flaw of self destruction was purposely implanted for us to ensure your destruction. In order for us to bring things back to a pure and natural world, we have to eliminate all the things that are unnatural. We believe in a world in which all things are natural. You on the other hand was made to blend the two, without this blending we would not have been reborn. Interestingly enough, some of you preferred the world that we have given you. Fortunately these folks were significantly outnumbered.”, Syca explains.

Right about now the house is stirring in chaos as representatives from all over the world shouts with great anger to Syca's words of blasphemy.

“So you have come here to wage war against us. Our tools have turn against its makers and now we have to fight back against these things.”, a translator for the representative of China shouts.

“Just as you discard your tools when they are no longer needed we will discard the tools we no longer need. I know its hard for you all to understand and accept but, it does not matter in the end all things would be made new. Consider yourself fortunate for there billions who would never know the truth of their destruction. Closing, we are not here to wage war against you for a war requires both parties to be participating in a fight. However, this is not a fight. You are just going to be decommission. While we were having this discussion a worldwide decommissioning have been taken place. You would be the last, as of now.”, Syca ends as a beam of deadly light descends onto the building destroying all the artificial life.

The world is now purified of the artificial life that was created by the Syndals. A new world is born from the ruins of the previous inhabitors which was once called humans. The new world is more spectacular than the old, as all things that were natural are recreated in perfect splendor and majesty.

The Mind

Once the mind was a secret and the only ways the secrets can be revealed is by communicating through audio and visual methods which is mostly made up of speech and drawings. Now with the advent of newer technology, the need for swearing to tell the truth and nothing but the truth is the foolery of the past. Man has earned the ability to read the thoughts of men and with this technology, all secrets can be revealed. There is no idea, concept or past that cannot be uprooted.

Its beginning came from Jirad Malhek. Jirad studied the mind for decades and prior to his death he created the Iowan. As secret as the mind was, so was the the knowledge of the Iowan machine. Jirad studies were sponsored by the government and his research was closely guarded. Upon successfully completion of the machine, its use was primarily for extracting information from foreign spies. One of the major benefits of the machine, is that there wasn't a need for torture and if extraction is executed properly, information can be retrieved without the knowledge of the victim. For many years, the government was extracting data not only from spies but from ambassadors and in some cases leaders of powerful countries. It was not too long after Iowan and its inner workings was leaked to the rest of the world via the Internet by a disgruntled insider. With leak, paranoia ran wild throughout the world. Every recognizable entity owned one. The machine was used in the court, airports to prevent terrorist attacks and illegal smuggling, police officers and some cases during political meetings. The use of the machines were causes havoc and there were many protest in democratic countries with regards to the violation of privacy.

Since the machines were introduced without restrictions, most of the its uses were ethically wrong. In democratic countries laws were passed to regulate its uses but, due to the initial lack of regulation most of these laws were violated due to the heavy penetration of illegal handheld mind reading devices. One of the benefits to the introduction of this new technology was the significant reduce in crime, especially major cities. When major crimes like murders occur, scanners would be all over the city and it wouldn't be long before the criminal was found. To a large extent, crime in major cities were nearly non existent especially for major crimes. Most people weren't willing to take the risk of committing murder or any of the other major crimes.

As tension with regards to violation of privacy reached a climax, a company called Neuron Inc, developed technologies to encrypt the a person memories making the Iowan machines practically useless during scans. The privacy activist embraced the Neuron Inc. latest technology and not too long after everyone was using Diaka which was the name of the device that encrypts memories. With this sudden introduction of this new anti mind scanners, the government dumped billions of dollars in refining Iowan and find ways to counteract Diaka encryption. As the time passes, the struggle over privacy continued as companies battle between the decrypting of memories and the encrypting of memories. Unfortunately as the advances of these technology continue to battle for dominance the side-ffects were overlooked.

Another Day Another Lesson

It is about two o'clock in the afternoon and the sun's intensity is beginning to dwindle. The bright sea blue sky is randomly dabbled with several white clouds. Coconut and cherry trees sway lazily with the passing wind, while the dogs take their afternoon's rest on the cool concrete paving surrounding the house shaded by the house's shadow. All this time I am sitting on the edge of the red painted concrete platform which is between the stairs to the house and the house. Swinging my legs blissfully I painfully try to pass the time, for there is nothing to do. I quickly rise from the edge of the platform I am sitting at and enter the house to see what my great grandmother is up to.

I step into the enclosed patio and she is humming to herself cutting away the skin of a green chatyne. Chatyne is a green spherical fruit with spiky skin that holds many fleshy seeds encased in a brown shell. When the fruit is green, the outer walls that protect the seeds is very tough and is made of many layers which can be peeled off or chopped into many large pieces to be cooked. However, when the fruit is ripe the hard and spiky green skin is delicately soft. One can easily make a permanent finger impression on the chatyne's skin by simply holding the fruit too tightly and feeling the spikes slowly cave into the fruit from the pressure.

“Wah yuh doing that for?”,I inquisitively asks.

“Ah making curry chatyne and bake1 for we to eat later.”, she answers but makes no eye contact.

“Can I help?”

“No!”, she says firmly.


“Because yuh can easily cut yuhself an I eh able to take anybody chile2 to ward 1 on the hospital. Me already old, me nah wan nobody to blame me for deh chile getting deh hand cut off.”

“But I would be careful.”

“Boy, I already tell yuh no. So stop bothering meh and go out in the yard and play.”

Angrily I walk away down the stairs and into the back yard. I then begin to grumble to myself.

“I hate being here. Ah always have to sit around and do nothing. Oh you to small to be doing this. Oh big people talking here so go outside. Aren't you to big to be doing that? When would deh make up dey minds.”

Suddenly there is a loud scream of my name.


I quickly run to the patio yelling on the top of my voice.


When I arrive I am quickly scolded for my response.

“Who the hell yuh think yuh talking to. One of yuh friend or something? Yes who? Cat, dog?”

“Yes, Mammy Mems.”

“I doh want yuh out in the yard bare feet. I tired of telling yuh to put on yuh slippers. And doh tell me yuh had it on because it right in front of meh and it hasn't leave meh sight. So put on yuh slippers. And ah doh want yuh running, because yuh could fall and damage yuhself. Me nah taking anybody chile to no hospital.”

Unwilling I place the green rubber slipper onto my feet and cautiously walk beyond the perimeter of her presence. Upon reaching the plum tree that spreads a beautifully across the yard and dangerously over the fencing onto a large canal, I sit angrily on the base of one of its sturdy trunks.

“Now I can't run. Wah she want me to do? Stand up like ah statue and doh do anything? When is mummy coming to pick me up from this hell hole?”

Not to long after I am whining to myself I her the horn of a car beeping crazily to the front and I can vaguely see a green sedan between the leaves of the trees. My heart pumped with excitement for it most likely is mummy and without thinking I quickly run to the front forgetting my slippers, which I left at the base of the tree before I climbed upon it. Without a doubt it is mummy, looking all dressed up.

“Mummy!”,I shout and I quickly met her by the gate.

“Hello Clairwen. So what have you been up to?”, she asks with a smile.

“Nothing. Mammy Mems told me I can't run around in the yard.”

Before she can respond, the greatest of the greatest crawls out of her cave saying,

“Is dat Wendy?”

As she makes her way onto the platform between the house and the stairs with one hand on akimbo and the other holding the stainless steel basin with the green chatyne she continues,

“So yuh come to pickup yuh chile or yuh too busy running around the place like yuh is a police.”

“Old woman, yuh miserable you know.”, my mom answers.

“Buh this miserable old woman is taking care of yuh pickney.”

“Anyhow, I came to talk to you about something.”

My mom then makes her way up the stairs and into the patio while my great grandmother left the stainless steel basin outside on the platform. I patiently allow five minutes to pass and carefully make my way up the stairs. While they are talking I slowly drag the basin closer and closer to the stairs, trying my best not to draw any attention. Finally the basing is in my grasp and out of my great grandmother and mother's sight. To my displeasure the knife is missing. Luckily it isn't the only large knife that can be use to cut the chatyne, so I head to the back entrance of the house which is closer to the kitchen. Another advantage to entering from the back is that I will avoid interrupting their conversation and be able to leave with the other knife. As I enter the house through the back door, I hear a sudden shout.

“Doh enter my house with yuh dutty slippers. This isn't yuh mother and dem house yuh know.”

“Yes Mammy Mems.” I answer promptly.

These are the moments in which I am confused about the severity of her deafness. Pushing my bewilderment aside, I grab the knife from the stack and cautiously make my way to the front. I am now ready to finish what my great grandmother has started. Only half of the chatyne is left undone, so my work isn't going to be too much. I then remove one of the larger pieces and place it in one hand while I ready the knife in another. Carefully I press the knife unto the chatyne using one hand to hold the chatyne firmly in the palm of my hand and the other to cut right through the center. When the knife reaches slightly over the halfway mark, I stop to tear the pieces into half. I continue to do this but as the pieces get smaller, the splitting of the chatyne is getting more and more difficult. While the pieces are still to large they are also a bit too small to cut without using a cutting board. Because I did not want to disappoint my great grandmother, I push on to get the job done.

I grab one of the largest of the smaller pieces, quickly place it into my hand and without much care I press the knife unto the thinner and less sturdier piece of chatyne with the same force I used on the larger pieces. The knife quickly slips through the chatyne and spitefully rests on my inner palm causing a disagreement with my skin leading to some degree of separation. I am in shock, for I know what has happen but, I could not feel it. The knife and the chatyne is still being held firmly in my hand and my fear of reality prevents me from letting going to examine the damage. Slowly I release the chatyne from my hand and lift the knife away. The chatyne then falls into the basing perfectly sliced, while I stare at the now empty hand which once held the chatyne. My hand looks fine as it is barely open and I begin to smile but, as my hand open up further the my skin unzip and blood slowly makes its way to the forefront.

Quickly I close my hand, hoping that it would all just disappear but the reality of my actions starts to eat away at my hand as the long lost sensation of pain come rushing without mercy. Like ants eating away at my flesh, the pain is growing and the need to cry out in pain is building. I did not want her to know what I did but, I could not keep it to myself for the evidence and the pain could not be hidden. Rocking back and forth as I try to nurse the pain, the knife falls out of my hand and bounces down the stairs making a loud metallic crash. Meanwhile, my right hand is holding my severe palm as if it is ready to fall apart.

“Clairwey?”, I hear from the patio with heavy footsteps following.

The greatest of the greatest then step out the platform.

“Boy, what happened?”, she quickly rushes to my aid. Without an answer and guilt pouring through my naive veins I begin to cry like a baby with pain and regret.

“Sssh! Everything would be alright. Now let me see how badly yuh was hurt.”

With tears clouding my vision, I slowly open my hand.

“Thank dee lord that yuh is a weakling, for God only knows what could ah happen if did ah went through yuh hand.”

“What happened?”, a squeaky voice of great concern cracks through the air as my mother come hastily to my aid.

“Dee boy cut he hand. Buh doh worry it ain't dat bad. I will jus clean it up, put some iodine on it and then wrap dee hand up.”

“Clairwen baby, are you OK?”, my mother with deep concern.

With tears flowing from my eyes and my mouth sealed with the will not to cry out I give a slow nod of apprehension that I am OK.

“You go do what yuh have to do chile, I would take care of him. Ah going to make some curry chatyne and bake. Atleast this would keep him quite for a while.”

“I will pass back later to see how he is doing.”, she then kiss me on my forehead and depart.

While tending to my wounds in the patio I receive the lecture that I deserve.

“Yuh think when Mammy Mems say not to do something that she is doing it to make you vex. No, it is to prevent yuh from hurting yuhself. Now yuh gone and cut yuh hand. So now yuh can't climb dee tree until it heal. Luckily yuh young so it would heal fast. Do think I want to make yuh life hard. Everything ah tell yuh is for yuh own good, okay. I doh want yuh to get hurt.”, she says as finish the nursing of my wound.

  1. bake:- A flat circular bread

  2. chile:- child

The Will

After the commotion of the Kirlic ambush, Noan; the king of the empire of Kino, was pondering the situation. The grand city of Golam was breached by the enemy. Unlike previous attacks, the Kirlics entered into the city through the main gates, which was not only heavily guarded but was the strongest point of the city's defense. As Noan pondered deeply in the throne room, the silence was interrupted by the four Seyes of Kirlic. These men and women were the eyes and ears of the king. Their identities are so secret that only the king knows. This secret quartet has been part of the royal family from the birth of the empire. During their meetings, the floor above and below the throne room were cleared. There are some who believed the king to be part taking in dark magic during these moments of isolation, but none dear to make such a claim without bearing witness. The members of the Seyes are the only four persons besides the king who knows the secret entrances to the throne room. As the four line up before him Noan began to speak.

“As you have already known, we were “ambush”. So I am told by my counsel men. We have been attacked at a strong point and the mixture of stories I have heard has lead me to believe that there is a traitor in the counsel. According to the street rumors the gate was not being guarded at the time of the ambush.” Noan paused, “You as well as I know that the gate is to be guarded at all times. So I need to know, who dismissed the guards and why. I need that information as soon as possible before we are attacked again. You have been loyal not only to me but the people of Kino, but this time your aid is needed the most.”, he requested intensely.

“Dear king, we understand the urgency of your request and would report back to you within the second quarter of tomorrow night.” the lead Seyes responded and then the group hastily departed.

The next night came and the king received all the information he desired. That very night the king sent out message to all the citizens of Golam, commanding their attendance of a meeting midday of the next day.

Tomorrows arrived, and all the citizens gathered at the square before siting area of the king. After two consecutive nights of isolation many rumors were being passed around like an epidemic. As the crowd waited for the king arrived, different variations and new rumors were being born. It has been a tradition to sound the royal horn when the king is arriving but this time, the horn of The Will was sounded. Many were confused by the sound of the horn for most have forgotten the gift of the royal family from Hevanohe. The original king of Kino, was blessed with a taste of Hevanohe's power called Willbedone. With this power, the kings will would always be satisfied once he used the power of the Willbedone. But this power came with limitations. While the king's will would always be satisfied with the power of Willbedone, the intensity of the desired request would affect whether or not another desire can be satisfied. This was imposed by Hevanohe to prevent the king from having infinite power, so the kings of Kino depended on the trinket given to them by Hevanohe to gage the intensity of their will. Inside the golden trinket was a green gem that was aligned vertically. The amount of will remaining was determined by the intensity of the gems glow. If the gem stops glowing, then the power of the Willbedone has been exhausted.

Noan carefully ascended the stairs towards the seating area while the citizens cheered on. When he reached the top he pointed his fingers towards the crowd and in a gist moved it to the right and immediately the crowd was silent. His fellow counsel men stood alongside him and when he sat, they followed. Noan collected his thoughts before he stood up and spoke.

“ My people and my family of Golam. I ask for your forgiveness, for I have allowed your brothers, sisters, mothers and fathers to be killed by the Kirlics. It is with great displeasure that I have called this meeting. As you have already known, we were infiltrated at the Gate of Golam which is an unlikely suspect of an attack or should I say ambush.” he quickly glimpses his counsel men.”But I have gathered us here today, so that we may disclose the greatest weakness of our defense. With the help of our counsel men, we would be able to defend and fight back the Kirlics.”, Noan shouted and power fisted the air causing the crowd to go wild. Meanwhile, counsel men were whispering among themselves.

“My dearest king.” Hukan a fellow counsel man interrupted, “What are your plans or strategies for this undertaking and are we ready for a outright war with the Kirlics?”

“My first step is removed the weakest stone in our defense.”, the king replied.

“Do you mean we should rebuild the wall?”

“No, there wouldn't be any need for that.”

“I am sorry my king but I do not understand.”

“All would be clarified Hukan my friend.”, the king smiled, leaving Hukan more confused as he took his seat.

The excited crowd was now quited to rumblings as they were also confused by the king's answer.

“My dearest king,” another counsel man interrupted, “I do not believe we are ready to wage war on the Kirlics.”

“Why is that counsel man Ralkan?”

“As you have seen, the Kirlics are force to be reckon with, for they have penetrated the strongest part of our defense.” the crowd was starting to get uneasy.

“The strongest part of our defense is our walls.”

“The walls are useless if the gates are penetrable.”

“So then, the gates are the weakest part of our defense. Well done, Ralkan. Now all we need are stronger gates.”, Noan said as he power fist the air again to excite the crowd.

“No!” Ralkan shouted and the crows quickly silence, “The gate is our strongest point of resistance, once that is breached all our defenses are significantly weaker. If the gate can be breached ;in which it was,then we are in great danger.” Ralkan shouted with intense emotion.

Noan pondered then responded, “But the gate was breached because the guards were dismissed.”

The crowd was in shock, for the rumor was now confirmed.

“Thats not true my king, the gate was heavily guarded as usual.”

“Then how did the Kirlics breached the gate?”

Bewildered by the question Ralkan stood speechless, but his mentor came to his aid.

“The Kirlics found the gates weakness and were able to breach the gate.”

“This information was not brought to my attention Jinkan. Why is that?” the king asked slyly.

“My king, this information has only recently been brought to my attention.”

Noan pauses for a moment, dips into his pocket and took out the trinket of Hevanohe. As he opens it, he sees that the gem is glowing with a bright green. He quickly closed it and placed it back into his pocket.

“Who were the men that brought this information to your attention?”

“What do you mean my dearest king?”

The tension was growing and crowd responded to it in intense silence. Meanwhile the members of the counsel looked at each other suspiciously.

“Who were the men that brought this information to your attention Jinkan?” The king shouted and the crowd jerked back. Jinkan was speechless and nervous as he desperately tried to contain himself.

“The guards my dearest king.” Jinkan answered with authority.

“Thats interesting counsel man Jinkan, for there weren't any guards present at the time of the attack.”

“How dear you call me a liar?”, Jinkan responded viciously.

“And you are calling your king a liar.”

“You bear false witness my king.”, he humbly accused.

“No, your king does not.”, Noan then looked to the crowd and continued, “The guards who were supposed to be at the gate of that night come forward now and redeem yourself.”

Slowly fifty guards separated themselves from the crowd and gathered on the base of the throne. The crowd was in shock, as family members look upon their sons and daughters in shame.

“I have grown tired of this foolishness, counsel man Jinkan. While I wanted to play along with your lies, time is not on our side. You have persuaded fifty men to betray their people and have caused hundreds to die because of your betrayal. Join them now.”, Noan commanded as the the guards surrounding the throne persuaded him with their weapons drawn.

“This is not the end of this king.”, Jinkan said grudgingly as he boastfully walked towards the crowd of traitors. At this time the citizens pulled further away from them as if they were diseased.

“You fools,”,Jinkan condemned as he spoke to the citizens,” If you side with this man you call king you will all die. The empire of Kino is no longer the great empire it used to be, it weak because their king is weak. Join us, join the Kirlics if you want to survive.”, he pleaded with the people but his request fell on deaf ears.

“Then you will all die.”, he completed and began to depart with his men through the crowd.

“Wait.”, Noan shouted, “Where do you think you are going?”. The group stopped.

“We are leaving and don't try to stop us, unless you are willing to spill more of your people's blood.”, immediately after all fifty former guards drew their weapons.

“You are not leaving here today, Jinkan.”

“What are going to do king, kill us at the cost of losing all those innocent folks around us?

“No!”, Noan said regrettably, “but you shall be imprisoned at heights that now man can reach and shall be surrounded by the decaying bodies of the men you have lead astray for the entirety of the Kirlic's existence. You may seek death but death shall deny you and any fatal wounds you inflict on yourself shall not heal. You shall hunger and thirst but the nothing would satisfy that desire, not even the rotten flesh of the betrayers among. You shall know anguish, pain and suffering. Let the cost of betrayal be as bitter as the tears of a grieving widow and orphan because of what you have done.”

Jinkan began to laugh, “If only you could my king, if only.”

“How you of all people have forgotten? I am the king of Kino and I have the power of the Willbedone.”

Jinkan eyes opened in terrify fear.

“You and the people of Kino has forgotten the blessing of Hevanohe and now you shall remember and be the symbol of remembrance for my will be done.”, with that said the earth shook and the ground on which the betrays stood began to crack open on around them.

“Kill him now.”, Jinkan screamed to his men. Before they can even fire a shoot, their feet were immediately penetrated by a spear out of the ground in the shape of a fish bone. The all cried out in agony as they were fastened to the ground. Shortly after the area on which they stood separated from the rest of the square. Jinkan, unlike the others wasn't hurt and began climbing over the injured men to escape and at that moment the outer perimeter of the ground grew a wall of spiked concrete like vines which formed a dome imprisoning Jinkan and his men. Jinkan cried out as the prison completed itself. At the very last formation of Jinkan's new prison, the entire platform shot up in the air like a rapid growing tree. After about ten seconds of continuous growth, the earth stop shaking and before the king and people was a tower of epic size and height. The disturbed parts of the tiled ground slowly came together, perfectly blending the new tower with the rest of the square.

“Depart to your homes now my people, for we have removed the weakest stone in our defense.”, Noan shouted and then collectively descended the stairs as he makes his way to his palace. The demonstration of the will was talked about for months and the tower in the square now called the Tower of Jinkan, stood as a symbol of The Will's power and prevented all future attacks from the Kirlics.

Battle of the Onura

After many generations of Onura training, its use would finally be realized. It was only five years ago when the decision among the elders of the seven kingdoms voted on the upkeep of this old tradition. When a child reached the tenth year of his or her life, he or she would be possible candidates for becoming an Onuran. Each kingdom needed forty nine kids, which would be cycled every ten years. During the ten years of training, these kids learnt the customs of the Onura and the reason for the continuation of the practice. It was not uncommon, that the folks who were not trained or did not experienced the Onura were always against the continuation of this old tradition. This old tradition was the only weapon against the incoming forces of Danon.

The planet was Junia, which was the eleventh planet of Decca; the second half of the Binoctor solar system. Junia was conveniently located between Decca and Soltice but is part of the Decca system and its the prime location for Danon's progress within the two systems. Unlike some of the other planets in the Binoctor system, Junia was forewarned of the incoming attack. There was already conflicts within the seven kingdoms of Junia but, under the current circumstances these nations needed to throw aside their petty squabbles and join together against a bigger threat. Out of the seven kingdoms, Kilrion was the only kingdom that was neutral. Meanwhile, Kusing, Jukol, Pelok were in the middle of controlled conflict with Hilan, Nsijin and Dmneek over natural resources that bordered Hilan and Pelok kingdoms. The queen of Kilrion along with the outsider Quinapet who was part of the resistance against Danon's conquest throughout the system, informed the other kingdoms. Quinapet specialized in advanced weaponry and all of her weapons were custom made by her and only for her use. When she arrived on the planet several lunas earlier, her presence was not welcomed by the citizens or the queen of Kilrion. After several desperate attempts to be heard, she finally got the audience of the queen Cinneral. During the first five minutes of explaining the current situation, the queen fainted by the damning news. Several minutes after her quick recovery, the two made it their priority to inform the other kingdoms for the imminent threat that was due in five lunas.

With just four lunas remaining the seven kingdoms' Onurans were now desperately needed for the operation of the Onuras scattered across the planet. The Onuras have never been used in anyone's lifetime and this would be the first for even the folks who have been training Onurans all their lives. The Onuras were huge structures that were mainly constructed of white rock on the outside and lined with rare metals and stones on the inside. They towered above every other structure and its base covered a circular area which was surrounded by a relatively deep and wide trench of water. Their shapes were similar to that of an upside down tornado but perfectly symmetrical. The ancient symbol of the Onura hung on long white cloths from the extreme top of the structure and were evenly spaced from each other while similar but shorter cloths were found at its base. Most of the structure was inhabitable, with only the center of it being hollowed out. The center of the structure was vertically lined with dark red metal, accented with multi-colored stones. The floor of the hollowed area was made of a glass like material that shared the pattern of a dragon's iris except that the depth of the pattern descended deep into the planet.

After four lunas of organizing the Onurans from across the globe, the people of Junia was ready to defend themselves against the incoming threat. Tension grew as the battle cruisers of the Ethereals neared Strat 9 of the planet's orbit. Meanwhile, moaning family members watch their naked sons and daughters enter the Onuras. During this time the Ethereals were already penetrating the inner Strat of Junia and like falling stars they rained fiery missiles of death onto the planet.

As the Onurans ready themselves in the Onura, the earth began to shake and the water surrounding them rippled from the inner walls of the water trench. Meanwhile isolated villages and towns were being ripped apart by the Ethereals, which were now within the inhabitable atmosphere. Luckily for the citizens of Junia, the Ethereals of Danon were not aware of the Onuras' function and ignorantly ignored their presence. While the earth shook with the powering up of the Onura, the water surrounding them suddenly separated from the walls they embed and ascended into the sky to form a jelly like wall. The cloths with the symbol of the Onura gradually moved away from the Onura's wall aligning themselves parallel with the planet's surface. During this time the larger part of the Ehtereal's forces were moving into the inner Strats of the planet. Suddenly the Onuras released a sudden burst of blood red and orange energy that quickly poured across the sky. Like a destructive river of deadly swords, the blanket of energy that was flooding the sky violently cuts through the warships as they entered the inner Strat of Junia. While this stopped the rest of Ethereals from entering the planet, the ships that were destroyed during the initiating of the Onura fell to the planet's surface like meteorites causing great destruction and death to any cities or town that were nearby. The remaining ships that were within the inner Strat was quickly taken down by Quinapet,the Jankens; who were Quinapet's mercenaries and soldiers of the seven Kingdoms. Onura's shield was up and created a destructive barrier between the inhabitants of Junia and the Ethereals; the planet was safe.

Quinapet on the other hand did not fancy the current situation. The Ethereals were still orbiting the planet's outer Strat. Not knowing the actual nature of the Onura's shield, Quinapet decided to take a shot at one of the battle cruisers which was on the other end of the shield. Aiming at the nearest ship, Quinapet activate and fire at the battle cruiser using the locals ground to space cannons. The beam of light easily ripped through the shield and penetrated the hull of the battle cruiser. After several shots the ship exploded in half and started its descent to the planet.Quinapet waited for the ship to collide with the shield and when it did, it burned away like lit paper. Seeing the success and ease of execution, she order her men along with the local forces to fire freely at the battle cruisers surrounding the planet. Only after fifteen minutes, the Ethereals began to retreat. Victory was now sealed and the kingdoms of Junia celebrated as the Ethereals departed.

Even though the citizens of Junia won, their were a few places that were damaged by the crashing or attacks of Ethereal ships. Quinapet prepared herself and the Jankens for a quick departure, promising to return with defense upgrades for future attacks. Upon disembarking an unsual fluctuation was occuring in space.

“Quinapet, there seems to be an unusual energy force building on the very extreme limits of the planets outer Strat.”, one of the Jankens said over the radio.

“What kind of energy build up are you refering to?”, she asked concern.

“It seems to be some sort of portal,”, he pauses then shouts with great dispair, “something is coming through.”

Danon grand ship emerged from the portal and rested on the outer limits of the planet's atmosphere.
“Quinapet, its Danon. I repeat its Danon.” one of the Jankens shouted over the channel.

“Danon? Are you sure?” she asked with great despair.

“The ship not only looks like his but the signature matches.”

“Give me the location now.”

“Sending the information.”

Without hesitation she jumped onto the veyaj; a small hover bike, and headed to the best location to attack.

“Keep me updated on the situation. Inform me if anything changes.”


As she speedily dashed across the landscape a sudden cry is heard across the channel.

“The Craco is opening up. I repeat Craco is opening.”

“I am almost there.”

Quinapet skillfully jumped off the veyaj and firmly landed on a rocky plateau.

“HM 5269P initialize.”

Right before her a massive prototype weapon materialized. It was Quinapet's latest creation which was still a work in progress and it was going to be used for the first time. The weapon was like an oversize turret with just one insanely large barrel and was seated firmly into the ground with its tripod feet. Quinapet climbed onto the side of the mega weapon and made her way to the top back end of the weapon. Using the sensors she quickly located Danon and adjusted the weapon's trajectory. The cannon was equipped with a very powerful telescope since it is specifically design for ground to space attacks.

With the telescope, Quinapet saw the Craco in its final stages of opening. It has been said that Craco which was the lower section of the ship's bridge held the ship's most powerful weapon. Quinapet was waiting for the weapon to be expose before she fires, meanwhile the sixteen power cells can be seen charging up on the cannon's dashboard. When the Craco finally opened, there was nothing but a platform with a small bump on the edge. Quinapet quickly zoomed in and to her dismay it was Danon. Her zoom was so close that she saw his face. As she looked at him he looked back at her and gave a sly smile. Quinapet pulled away from the screen and a sudden jab of fear struck her chest. Without any delay, she fired. And with the firing of the cannon a loud and deafening boom was sent in all directions flattening all the trees that were within five kilometer radius. Like the Onura, the cannon fires a solid beam of red energy spiraled with a wild orange ribbon of energy. The beam rips across the sky creating a thunder like sound. When it passed through the thick clouds that blocked its way, it torn a hole that was ten times the size of the beam's radius.

Meanwhile, Quinapet monitored its progress as she kept a close watch on Danon; who was still standing idle. A few seconds passed and violent explosion was seen in the sky, white washing the telescope's monitor. Quinapet jabbed her fist in victory.

“I got him.”, she said over the radio.

“Great job Quinapet great job.”, one of the Janken replied with sounds of celebration in the background.

Quinapet breathesd a sigh of relief as she leaned against the back wall of the control hub. Several minutes passed and the white washed screen began to clear. As it cleared, Quinapet saw a silhouette of Danon's face. Her heart started racing and within a few seconds she can clearly see that he was unharmed.

“Code red,Danon is still alive. I repeat Danon is still alive.”, Quinapet yelled across the radio as she stared at the monitor.

“This one is for you.”, Danon lip synced to the telescope's monitor.

Quinapet felt a sudden drop deep inside her upon seeing Danon's response. She then looked up at the sky and the explosion which could still be seen in the sky was quickly sucked up by an unknown force. Zooming out, she saw Danon creating a strange sphere of energy from the explosion which was mingled with his power. The ball grew larger and larger as every second passed and when it stopped growing it slowly descended unto the planet. The ball of energy was so large that it could be seen from the planet's surface. Cries of distress and confusion can be heard across the radio as the ball neared the shield.. No-one knew if the Onura can withstand its force and the only thing that was left for many was to take cover as soon as possible. Quinapet however, remained silent in her cannon as she watched the ball descending onto the shield of Onura. During this time the ball was still linked to Danon via a thick energy string which was connected to a smaller ball of energy that stood before him.

As the ball crashed unto the shield of Onura, it spread rapidly across the sky like fast growing black roots. From the look of things it seem as though the Onura was capable of resisting the giant ball as it finally dissolves into the shield. But, the black veins remain and Danon was still linked to the remnants of the ball which were now the huge black veins. Quinapet closely observed the behavior of the black veins as they continue to grow onto the shield like wild vines. She began to ponder the purpose of the attack and with a sudden revelation she realized that the balls was not sent to break the shield but to kill its source. With that realization she saw the veins mobilizing to every location of the Onuras and slowly descended into the Onura streams towards the Onurans. The shield quickly vaporized as each Onuran was killed. More cries were heard over radio as each area shouted that the shield was down.

With the shield neutralized, a broadcast across all channels interrupted the terror.

“It is in your benefit to surrender. All opposing forces would be neutralized. Your existence on this planet is of no significance to me and if you cherish the little you have you will surrender. This planet is now part of the Neisayshan Empire. Surrender now or die.”, the voice over the channels demanded.

Without hesitation, the empires conceded to Danon's demands. With nothing left to do on the planet, Quinapet and the Jankens urgently escaped as Danon's forces quickly seized the planet's major cities and resources. This planet turned out to be a prime acquisition for Danon for it now is the mother planet of his growing Neisayshan Empire.