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Tuesday, February 06, 2007

The Mind

Once the mind was a secret and the only ways the secrets can be revealed is by communicating through audio and visual methods which is mostly made up of speech and drawings. Now with the advent of newer technology, the need for swearing to tell the truth and nothing but the truth is the foolery of the past. Man has earned the ability to read the thoughts of men and with this technology, all secrets can be revealed. There is no idea, concept or past that cannot be uprooted.

Its beginning came from Jirad Malhek. Jirad studied the mind for decades and prior to his death he created the Iowan. As secret as the mind was, so was the the knowledge of the Iowan machine. Jirad studies were sponsored by the government and his research was closely guarded. Upon successfully completion of the machine, its use was primarily for extracting information from foreign spies. One of the major benefits of the machine, is that there wasn't a need for torture and if extraction is executed properly, information can be retrieved without the knowledge of the victim. For many years, the government was extracting data not only from spies but from ambassadors and in some cases leaders of powerful countries. It was not too long after Iowan and its inner workings was leaked to the rest of the world via the Internet by a disgruntled insider. With leak, paranoia ran wild throughout the world. Every recognizable entity owned one. The machine was used in the court, airports to prevent terrorist attacks and illegal smuggling, police officers and some cases during political meetings. The use of the machines were causes havoc and there were many protest in democratic countries with regards to the violation of privacy.

Since the machines were introduced without restrictions, most of the its uses were ethically wrong. In democratic countries laws were passed to regulate its uses but, due to the initial lack of regulation most of these laws were violated due to the heavy penetration of illegal handheld mind reading devices. One of the benefits to the introduction of this new technology was the significant reduce in crime, especially major cities. When major crimes like murders occur, scanners would be all over the city and it wouldn't be long before the criminal was found. To a large extent, crime in major cities were nearly non existent especially for major crimes. Most people weren't willing to take the risk of committing murder or any of the other major crimes.

As tension with regards to violation of privacy reached a climax, a company called Neuron Inc, developed technologies to encrypt the a person memories making the Iowan machines practically useless during scans. The privacy activist embraced the Neuron Inc. latest technology and not too long after everyone was using Diaka which was the name of the device that encrypts memories. With this sudden introduction of this new anti mind scanners, the government dumped billions of dollars in refining Iowan and find ways to counteract Diaka encryption. As the time passes, the struggle over privacy continued as companies battle between the decrypting of memories and the encrypting of memories. Unfortunately as the advances of these technology continue to battle for dominance the side-ffects were overlooked.


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