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Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Unnatural Beings

The world spins on its axis creating the seasons of the year, which makes the flowers blossom and trees shed their leaves. Life goes on in the busy world of man, with many eyes on the paper and the worthless metals. Without the paper and the metal, life in the new world would be impossible. Born as one of the many creatures of this earth, we are deprived of its natural gifts. Instead of picking the fruits of the earth, we harvest the paper and metal for our sustainance. Food, land and house are things, which cannot be hold without the paper and metal of the modern society. Man once lived off the land and the fruits of the land, but now they live off the paper and metal manufactured for man’s survival. The insanity is hard to see when the troubles of life stifle our thoughts. If only there was a mirror in the sky.


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