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Monday, March 14, 2005

Sand Bank

I come here ever so often. The small flat sand bank in the middle of nowhere. I don't know how arrive at this small island of sand, but it seems as if I was lead to this place. As usual the coconut tree stood alone near the edge of the shore. The sky was cloudy as if a storm is coming. Its always the same, the wind begins to blow violently and the waves grow in size. The clouds darken with anger and the lonely coconut tree leaves flap with the streams of the violent wind. But the waves never crash against the shore of the sand bank and the wind ;though very strong, is unable move me. When fear fills my mind, someone in the not to far distance always appear. Even though my vision is clear, the person in the distance takes the form of a silhouette. The wind continues to blow violently and the waves quickly passes along the sides of the island.

Lightning cracked the smokey sky and when the tears of the heavens are about to pour it all comes to an end. It never rains on the sand bank. The place, the waves, the clouds and the island always disappears just when I think the rain is about to fall. Meaning can be found within the mystery of the sand bank, but the meaning is not known to me.


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