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Monday, February 14, 2005


We sift through the noise of life trying to find the truth that would open our eyes to the filth that surrounds us. Hate has become our breakfast, lunch and dinner, and its flavor a force to recon with. Even though we drink the juices of jealousy, revenge and sensual pleasures we still thirst. Even though we stuff ourselves with lies, deceit and pride we still feel the hunger pains from deep within. Where is the juice that would quench our thirst? Where is the bread that nourishes our souls?

Don’t you think it is time to stop feeding on the things that is slowly devouring your soul? Deep down inside behind the lies is the truth, but it has been buried so far down and for so long that we forget that it once existed. One key phrase can push away the shadows and darkness of the lies and set the truth free. One moment of purity can set your soul free. One person can open your eyes that would make you see the filth that has always surrounded you. And one person can clean you from the filth that has stained your life and your innocence.


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