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Tuesday, January 25, 2005

When its over

Dull days are dreadul. The sun refuses to shine and the day is cold. People’s displeasure with the weather is expressed with their morning greetings. Sluggishly the day passes and work is more monotonous than the day before. If only the sun can shine and warm the chill hearts of the depressed.

Unlike other days in which the sun can warm the earth, in winter the sun is powerless. The great ball of fire loses its strength and only through artificial means can the lost heat of the sun be regained. Cold wind makes the stubborn cry and the burns naked skin. Rubbing and cuddling are the few means in which the poor soul can stay warm in this dreadful weather.

Luckily, winter doesn’t last forever. Well atleast not here. Spring is due and the cool rain would melt away the snow and wash away the freezing cold days. Trees and plants would regain their glory and the earth would return to its beautiful green. But even spring has its days where the sun hides its face. Gradually the warm days would be upon us and this would be great, even if it only for a while.


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