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Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Sleep its cold

With a filled stomach, my eyelids slowly drape my vision. Intoxicated with sleep I swerve back and forth trying to stay awake. Today is cold and Time is taking a ride on the snail’s back. Caribbean sun and Caribbean heat burns into my mind as I frequently fall asleep. Comforting rest is calling me. The weight of digestion is wearing me out and sleep is the only solution, without a doubt.

My head feels heavy and the tall green grass hides me from the midday sun. The old tree that guards the public swimming pool walked across to shade me. Several chills run through the capillaries of my skin and my body begins limp with weakness. Sudden jerks of awareness and the suns yellow light become white. Sharp neck pains turn the round sun in to white blocks of fluorescent lights. Exposed skin burns with the coldness of the day and not with heat of the midday sun. The air is warm and humid, but the dry and flaky skins pull me out of the tropics.

Must stay awake for I am at work. The bed calls yet it is so far. One small nap is all I need and desire. My urge to curl up on the carpet floor rises, so I sit with my eyes rested as I fight the after lunch beast.


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