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Thoughts flow like a river and here is the place in which the river becomes a waterfall.

Tuesday, January 04, 2005


The candle flickered in the dark room and the old woman ready to retire walked carefully towards it among the clutter. One quick blow and the candle was out. Small particles of saliva trapped with the fagrance of old breath, quickly spread across the room. Smaller particles of water are found in clouds. These small globs join together to form the rain, which falls to the ground. The earth is filled with rich and fertile soil, which brings life to the plants and supports them during the storms. As the wind blew, the trees sway back and forth holding onto the earth for it’s was its only savior. Leaves waved jubilantly as the wind blew stronger, like an airplane engine ready for flight. Up we go into the clouds as the things of the earth slowly shrink in size. The houses, the people the car all shrank as the plane ascended into the air. The curvature of the earth was more apparent than before as the plane ascended even higher.

Suddenly the earth spanned rapidly and the water and all the things on earth stopped existing. Names of places and cities popped up from everywhere. One finger was placed on the globe and the earth stopped at Africa. Roaming the African plains were the lions and the elephants. Herds of wild animals crossed the plain and the dust of the dry ground rose. Swirling dust like layers of blankets covered the brown grass of the plains. Not to far were lakes of water scattered with white lilies. The lilies stained the dark blue water like a flower-textured sheet. A sudden wave in the still lake and the flowered sheet covered the old woman as she laid to rest.


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