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Monday, January 03, 2005

The Truth

The darkness that is ourselves,

Hide us from the light of God.

The Ancient of Days has prepared a way for us,

But we refuse the path that would shatter the shackles of sin.

How can I see the misery of others and not speak of God’s love?

How can I not share what I know with others?

The fear of rejection should not blind us from the work we must do.

We should not falter to the coolness of being different.

The veil of religion shouldn’t blind us,

For that day would be the day we follow the path to damnation

The lord is your light

So don’t shut your eyes even though it shines so bright.

Through time your eyes would adjust

Through time you life would transform into what God desire.

We weren’t meant to feel pain or hurt.

We weren’t meant to die or tell lies.

Being brought into a world o sinfulness,

Blinds us from the true image and love of God.

Don’t let the words of your heart guide you.

For your heart hides the truth from you.

Turn to Jesus the savior man

For he would cleanse your heart so that your ways are true

The Sovereign God of the entire universe

Has made a path for us to choose

The path that would bring us happiness and light

The path that is right and just.

Don’t let the end come upon you

When your heart is full of sin and mind is lost to sin, which binds you

For God is on your side

Take his hand

And let pull you out of the sinful quicksand

So that you will be free

The way you were meant to be.


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