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Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Destin to Die

We look at animals fight and laugh, not at the fight but the silliness that caused the fight. Yet we are unable to see the absurdity of wars that brings death to the next generation. How can we call ourselves civilized when we purposely destroy one another? Idealist am I? No! Seeing things for what they are is my gift to this world that I love. Push away the biases and see things for what they are. The foolish mind always bends according to the fallacy of illogical pressures such as color of skin and ethnicity. When would the time come when the men of this earth would move away from their barbaric nature and become more civilized than the animals we laugh at when humping their mate? We are a defective race that is desperate need of help. Pride has blinded us to the point of madness, so we no longer see our actions for what they are. Is this the reason why religion materialized in this world?

The same religion that promises hope and love, in addition to divine intervention, has brought about just as many deaths as the wars between nations. Reflect on the actions of man within our short existence and you will see that we are self destructive and insane beings. The core of the all this internal corruption within our society is the lack of perception and understanding of self-preservation. Individualism is the destroyer of every community of intelligent living beings. The more individualize we become the more selfish the community. Individualization is equivalent to the cells of the body attempting to work on its own, not realizing that in the process it would not only die but would cause the body to die. It is time for us to use the essence and the core rule of life, which is to live for others and not for ourselves. But in a world where we are taught to think only of ourselves, such a task would be near impossible. The human mind is defective and would always fall to warped interpretation of self-preservation.


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