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Wednesday, December 29, 2004

I am there

Why be smart when it cannot be used?

Why think beyond the spectrum to make others confused?

The thoughts that once made me whole,

Is now devouring me like mold.

Little by little I try to regain my soul

But my mind continually loses control.

Time is always staring me in my face,

Knowing that I have misused it from place to place.

No control of my future to come,

I look back at my past that I had made glum.

Nothing in the past and nothing in the future,

It is time to change my self-destructive nature.

Even though I am aware,

I am scared of the things I should not fear.

One step after and another

I neared closer and to closer to my life long future.

With my eyes close and my head straight

I would not fall to the distraction bait.

Nearer and nearer I encroached on my new life

For the time meaningful spent, would bring me light.

My eyes squint and my hands quiver

For I reach the life I have always desire.


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