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Thursday, December 30, 2004

One Hundred Thousand

One hundred thousand people died from the impact of a Tsunami, yet I feel nothing. News rushed across cyberspace informing the world of the disaster and it’s just read as statistics. I feel disconnected from the reality to the point that isn’t real anymore but just another story.

One hundred thousands bodies scattered on the ground or trapped in rubble is supposed to mean something, but no real meaning can be squeezed from this incident. Three thousand people died and it brought about two wars that killed almost as much as this Tsunami disaster or more. Is this a sign of a much greater war to come?

One hundred thousand brothers, sisters, mothers and fathers are dead and yet from a distance the pain of the family disappears with emotionless reports. The stench of death in the air runs rampant and yet I cannot smell it.

One hundred thousand dead humans mean nothing when the hurt is discarded in words printed on a webpage. Disasters like these become nothing but another story and another death. Death has finally become the norm in society we call the living.


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