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Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Blank for a Reason

Thoughts without focus swim around in my head.

The frustration of progress or lack there of is blurring my vision.

Time is always on my mind.

Escape for freedom the forbidden pleasure I desire.

When would this agony come to and end?

When would I be able to see beyond the days and into the years?

Uselessness is overbearing

And the monotony is stifling the existence I once treasure.

Happiness is like a long lost love

And emptiness is the friend that fills the void.

Death surrounds me and as the end draws nearer.

But I want to see my accomplishments before the end comes.

Even though there is happiness in the distance,

The fog of recent days veils my future.

What is going to happen if I run free?

Enslaved by the determination for the easy way out is crippling me.

A brilliant mind without focus confuses the thoughts of things which once had a purpose.
Blank and filled with indifference my eyes close for another day.


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