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Monday, January 03, 2005

There isn't a Bond

One person stands in the mist of the crowd but the bond between the one is non-existent. Browsing through the catalogue of subjects lead only to displeasure for his taste is different from others. But is it really different or is it that his eyes are clouded by unresolved issues? Willing to join and become one but unwilling to attempt the bond would bring him more unhappiness. Stifled by the norm which has become so monotonous he sits daily pondering the “What ifs”, ignoring the world around. The day, in which he acknowledges his isolation, the pain of loneliness strangles him as he try to understand the reason why. When would he break the chains he created? When would he realize that his environment is what he created? And when would he see that his surroundings can be manipulated by changing the person inside? So he sits there everyday, wasting away his existence by dreaming of being on with another.


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