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Thursday, January 13, 2005

As a Child

As a child, your mind is so playful. Thoughts of fairies and magic carry you to imaginaries worlds beyond reality. It was so much fun playing make believe and thinking out of the box. One can even say that a child always thinks out of the box, because they have not been conformed to the world’s thinking as yet. The ideas of riding clouds, visiting the villages of fairies, elves and dwarves were so exciting. Being a child enabled me to have fun with boring and uninteresting objects, because the power of imagination was so strong. A simple box became a house, spaceship, castle wall or anything that can be imagined.

Those days are now gone. The mind of an adult is so restrictive and politically correct that is sometimes obscene to imagine. Why did the beautiful imagination of my childhood disappear? Why must the world be so cold and rigid? What cause us to change? There is no room for imagination in a world of adults.


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