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Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Tears of Redemption

Softly the wind blows through her hair as she stands on the natural pillar of rock that stood several hundred feet high. The clouds blanket the view of the earth, and all that could be seen are the tall pillars that were able to pierce through the cotton floor. Trees with thick brown trunks and deep green leaves, held on to the rocky pillar for their lives. A small puddle of crystal clear water stood in the middle of the plateau, mirroring the grey sky. As she neared the undisturbed puddle, her white clothing clanged to her body with the free ends flowing gracefully in the wind.

Her journey was coming to an end. Climbing the pillar to the puddle of depression was a task she had never dreamed of undertaking in her youthful life. She knelt at the edge of the puddle and gazed into still water. As she looked at herself, her reflection of her beauty began to blur as tears filled her eyes. One drop and her pains would fade away. One drop and the puddle of depression would bring light to her darkness. From the opaque vision, her teardrop slowly pulled away from her eyes and fell towards the puddle of water.

A sudden wave disturbed the perfect mirror when her teardrop touched the water. Small watery hands reached out and grabbed her head. She closed her eyes and the hands buried her face into the water. Echoes of voices repeated,

“Open your eyes.”

Carefully she opened her eyes and to her dispair, all of her pains and sufferings were revealed to her. Her soul wept bitterly as she felt her life slipping away.

Suddenly her head was pushed out of the water. Quickly she gasped for air as her head flew back looking towards the sky. She looked around confused as to where and why she was there. The pillars of rocks decorated with small stubby trees towered above and around her.

“I must have fallen asleep,” she said.

Then she began to make her way back home, totally unaware of the why she was there and what lead her to pillars of rocks.


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