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Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Rain Falls

Drop by drop the rain falls and each droplet collides to ground creating more droplets that disperse in all directions. The rain fills the crevices and the depressions of the earth, creating patches of mirrors that are frequently disturbed by the falling rain. The day looks grey and gloom, yet is the trees look fresh and healthy as their leaves dip with the weight of the collected water. Small streams of water run through the grass like capillaries feeding the once dry soil. The air feels clean and fresh, with all the dryness of the past hour fading away. Cool air rushes into my nostrils and fills me with the delight, as I smell the rain filled air. Moments like these are so precious to me, for it reminds me of the cycle of life and the small part I play in it.

I am soothed by the tapping of the rain on the rooftop and warm chocolate that I consume with every slurp. Sitting watching the rainfall in veranda is so peaceful and complete. The only sounds that resonate in my ears are the gushing of the water and the tapping of the rain’s droplets. Time slows to a crawl and my head feels light with the rejuventating spirit of the replenished air. My eyes slowly close and my soul absorbs the moment. I fall into trans of peaceful bliss until I am interrupted by the silence after the rain falls.


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