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Thursday, January 06, 2005


Well, it is my fault. I buried my head under the fertile dark loamy soil. Everyday the creatures of the earth salute me, but I refuse to acknowledge their support. The surface is so close but yet so far. If only I can pull my head out of the dirt and see the sun’s light. It is all my fault. Time has slipped through my hands as a fool trying to catch water with a strainer. Should I remain buried in regret or should I strive to the top with the little time I believe I have? I open my eyes and all I can see is darkness. The moist dirt rubs against my eyes as I try to look around. Rapidly I blink, causing my polluted tears to free my eyes from the roughness of the dirt. I can feel my fingers again and I feel a cool breeze flowing on the earth’s surface.

“Its just my head that needs to be freed”, I encouraged myself. With my hands pressed flat against the soft dirt, I carefully pull my head from the ground. It was so easy to break free, yet I waited so long. The dirt above my head slowly slides off my head and my watery eyes and dirt fill mouth and nose are finally uprooted from my place of comfort. My nose begins to burn and I cough out the sweet saliva soaked soil from my mouth. Then the rain began to fall. The God of all creation has sent the waters to purify me from my foolishness and the filt that I have been one with for the longest time. The pouring tears of the father quickly wash away the dirt trapped in my eyes, mouth, nose and hair. I am clean and I could now breathe and see clearly. My eyes is still burning with the smaller particles of the ground,but atleast I can see more than the darkness that once comforted me. The clouds part and the sun’s rays eat the water off my skin. Finally, I can accomplish the things that I had put off in the past. No longer shall my head be rooted in the futile ground of procrastination, for I have uprooted myself from its soil. With burning eyes and runny nose, I look forward to better days.


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