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Wednesday, January 12, 2005

The Unseen Force

It cannot be touched but you can feel it. Gradually it seeps into your soul and makes you whole. You can feel the softness of its pressence and the comforting warmth as others shares it with you. Life is breathed into your nostrils because of it. Hands of assistance are outstretched to aid others because of its power. Contagiously it spreads across the globe and changes the lives of everyone that it encounters.

Love is the unseen force that brings us together and keeps us a live. It’s the force that we feel but yet we cannot touch. Love has no visible form, but we can see the effects of it as we go through life. Without love, life would cease to exist. For it is the unseen force that bonds all living things together and the force that make us care about the existence of others instead of our own existence.


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