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Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Thoughts with Greater Understanding

Purpose without knowing direction seems hopeless in a world with many streets and avenues. Greatness within the humility is only seen by the humble and not the fake. Time seems so short, but yet it slowly passes by as we eagerly wait for the next day. Loved by many, but the loneliness isolates the love that is transmitted through the air. Understanding beyond the norm is the curse of the immortal unto the mortals. The end is drawing near, but its distance feels as if it’s increasing. Blindness caused by sight focusing on the wrong things would lead to destruction. Yearning to be free, but unable to find oneself is useless. Destiny without knowing the path is the fear of the destined. The end without ending is the termination of time. Immortality a realization that all things that are mortal would come to an end.


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