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Tuesday, January 25, 2005


A time comes in our life where meaning escapes our grasp. Tirelessly we grab at moments, things and emotions to give us the meaning that we are looking for to make it to the next day. But our realization of the pretense always catches up on us. We can only pretend to be fine for a while until the pressure crushes us and makes us explode.

How much meaning can one gather in their life to make their life meaningful? Is it the recycling of known things that keeps us sane throughout our lives? At what age during our life would the meaning of our life be clear to us? Without meaning there is no reason to exist. Slowly life becomes a puzzle with an unreachable solution as we calculate the purpose of our existence. It’s easier to forget you exist than to realize you do. Realization of existence places an unknown pressure on a person. Only a person who has reached that level of self-awareness can relate. Time, money and things of the world seem to be all meaningless, for everything we desire can be obtained and offer shallow pleasure.

Is there a lost link that gives us meaning in our lives? That lost link would change the way we process the world and the way the people of the world process us. When one comes to a realization that the only thing worth living for is the people and not the things that temporarily stimulates just a few of our senses would the world we live in change. The meaning that we have been searching for was always there. We have become so preoccupied with ourselves that we didn’t realize that the answer was always with us.


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