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Monday, February 07, 2005

Let it go

Focus, but lost in the moment of now. Sometimes things seem and feel great, but deep down inside there is a feeling of uneasiness. Can’t put the issue in perspective, but you know that it lurks around in the back of your head. “What can it be?” you ask yourself time and time again, yet you receive no answer. Looking and searching the past for answers to the off-white memory of your past, but nothing seems to stick.

Let it go and free yourself from its grasp. It hasn’t held you back from reaching your goals and it is too ashamed to show itself. Let it die in the darkness of your mind and maybe one day it will be brave enough to come into the light. Life’s treasures are waiting for you in the meantime, so don’t be discourage but uplifted knowing that it no longer spoils your fun.


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