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Monday, March 07, 2005

The Castles on the Edge

Tall green grass tower over me and the blue sky is seen through the blades. I can feel the cool ground on my back and the smaller grass piercing through my clothes. The slight discomfort couldn't surpass the joy of laying in the fields and enjoying the simplicity of the day and life itself. The wind gently push the tips of the grass to and fro, and as they sway I can hear the rustling when they rub against each other. With my eyes close, I begin to dream of worlds beyond our universe.

Blue waters shimmering with light of the cool white sun gracefully presents the castle islands. Each castle is carefully crafted out of a stone that was unknown to me. The designs and curves of the walls and columns were beyond the explaination of the words I have been taught. Blue and white stones has never been so beautifully accented together .

Flying magically across the foreign ocean, I see more castles. And the more I see the more I am in awe by their beauty. If only I can capture just one picture of my dream to show people the wonders that I am witnessing. When you think you have seen it all, there is always something that takes your breathe away. My breath is not the only thing cowering to the castles' beauty, but my mind is seeing things that were beyond my comprehension and understanding. How can one explain the unexplainable? Even though I am able to relate to what I am seeing, I am unable to relate it to others. For the castles has qualities that were not experienced by man and without that experience, it cannot be related until more people experience it for themselves. Until then, I will joyfully consume the moment while it last.


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