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Thursday, February 24, 2005

Lajun's Resurection

Severely injured from the battle, Lajun laid on the cold muddy floor of the forest. The wind blew cold and sun was preparing for its twelve-hour slumber. Scenes of the battle faded in and out of his mind. Memories of the past rushed into his mind taking him away from the pains of the present.

“Always remember that where you put your heart is where your soul lies.”

“Yes mummy.”

Blood started to pollute his vision as he rubs his eyes with his hand freshly cut hand. Soiled clothes with several slashes and torn ends he rested against the large trunk of an old tree. His hair sagged with sweat as his limp body mold to the shape of the tree trunks in which he rested his aching body. Life was slowly taking a leave and time was nearing its retirement. Wondering if Sinika was still alive, he called under his breath

“Sinika.” Then his eyes accepted the veil of darkness and his awareness began to bury itself deep within his existence.

“Lajun? Where are you?” the wind whispered in his ear,

“Was this the dreams of a mad man or was it the answer for an unsaid prayer?” he said to himself but his will power was depleting faster for every moment his awareness peaked. Weak and feeble his lips mumble incoherently

“Um obar here.”

The wind stopped and coldness that surrounded him quickly departed. Rapid footsteps in the distance grew louder as they drew nearer.

“Over here.” A strange voice shouted, and the sound echoed through the forest.

“He is really in a bad shape.” Boic said as he leaned over Lajun’s body.

“Everything is going to be alright, just hold on. Juica would be here shortly.”

As Juica neared their location, a warm summer breeze rushed across the forest floor.

“Boic, where are you?” Juica shouted.

“Over here Juiy, over here.”

Juica quickly made here way to Boic and Lajun.

“Do you think you can revive him Juiy?

She carefully pondered as she examines Lajun condition.

“I don’t’ see why not.”

Pressing her hand against her chest with her eyes closed, she began to concentrate. Small rays of light can be seen escaping the gaps between her fingers. A few seconds after, she lifted her hand off her chest and small ball of yellow light could be seen. Cautiously she took the light and placed it on Lajun’s forehead. The light quickly sank into Lajun’s head and his eyes opened wide and his body quickly became tense as if in shock, only to fall limp again. His wounds and scares began to close up right before their eyes.

“He would be ok, cover him while he rest. We will be camping here tonight.” Juica commanded Boic.

“Do you think he is the one Juiy?”

“I am not sure, but we will find out when he wakes up.”


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