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Monday, February 14, 2005

Xian's Master

He was determined to get the sword, which held greater power than his own. Believing that the sword was with Cyan, he fought tirelessly to acquire the sword Xian.Without knowing that the sword wasn’t in Cyan’s possesion, Cyan’s death was the only thing that would satisfy Jouya quest for the sword.

“I don’t have the sword Jouya.” Cyan replied in pain as blood seeped through his hand as he holds his chest.

“Do you think I would fall for your lies? Give me the sword or you will die.” Jouya replied and his sword began to glow.

“You already have a powerful sword, why do you need Xian?”

“It is the sword with greater power than the Hility.”

“Why do you think I have it?”

“The people you call your friends were willing to share the information, with a little persuasion off course.” Jouya said with a slight smirk on his face.

“You bastard. What have you done to my friends?”

“The same thing I would do to you if you don’t give me the sword.”

“I haven’t found it as yet. Do you think I would be standing here without it if I had it?”

“Enough of this nonsense, give me the sword now.” Jouya shouted charging towards Cyan. A sudden bolt of energy was released from the tip of Jouya sword slamming Cyan into the ground. Jouya quickly ascended into the air and with all his might he descended onto Cyan with Hility sword. Just a few seconds before Jouya sword impacted on Cyan, the Xian sword flew into Cyan’s hand knocking away his old sword.

“Nooooo.” Jouya cried out as he hit sheath of Xian.

The sword’s sheath absorbed the impact and Cyan quickly kicked Jouya off him.

“How is that possible? That sword belongs to me.”

A female voice in the not to far distance from the shadow of a tree said, “The sword has chosen it master and only its master can give up the sword. Jouya, the sword can no longer be yours.” Then the mysterious person disappeared.

“ Then you will have to die Cyan. Die.” Jouya charged again at Cyan with all his might and with all the power of the Hility sword. Cyan stood calm and collected as Jouya ran towards him steaming with hate. Right before clashing Cyan drew the sword and slashed the air as he turned away from Jouya. The force of the slash sent Jouya flying across the grassy opening off the edge of the hill. As he fell you can hear cries of regret and then there was a sudden silence. Cyan was standing in the same position from his attack immediately fell to the ground after Jouya cries went silent.


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