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Monday, February 21, 2005

The Battle

The war between the Cresayshan and the Niesayshan was long and tedious. No end was insight and each side was creating more powerful technology to gain some advantage over the other. The technologies of each race were godlike in the eyes of less developed beings. The Cresayshans live to create and preserve, while the Niesayshans live to conquer and destroy. Both races were equal in might and the need to offset the balance was at its pinnacle. The strategies of each race were now etched in stone, for the end off one race was finally upon them.

Niesayshan’s long-term strategy brought them to their extinction. The Cresayshan created the weapon Hilocon, which focused the power Pysilo, Queron and Naine into one Cresayshan; making the holder of an object called the Sayar the most powerful Cresayshan of all. The Hilocon weapon emerged from the depths of the city of Kaisar. Three powerful generators called Pysilo, Queron and Naine were the source of power to the Sayar. With this weapon, the Cresayshan swarmed the city of Couvan destroying all the Niesayshan, all except for one. An unborn Niesayshan buried deep within the city’s core. With the city’s core on the verge of collapsing, Benoin the holder of the Sayar rescued the unborn Niesayshan before all was lost. The army of Cresayshans watched as the city’s core collapse, burying itself into the ground. The war finally ended with minor causalities on the Cresayshan side and the virtual extinction of the Niesayshan.

How far were the Niesayshans from building their ultimate weapon? Not far at all. Their weapon was completed and it was now unkowingly being cared for by the Cresayshans. The weapon that was created by the Niesayshan was greatly superior to that of the Hilocon. But the last part of the weapon was still in process. No one knows if their long-term strategy would pay off or if it would execute as plan but the weapon of the Niesayshan called the Kai Nos Rata would be unleashed in time.


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