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Monday, April 18, 2005

We are still natural

Man has an unnatural tendency to inflict harm and hurt on it’s own. At first I thought that we were a defective race bent on self-destruction. While that may be the case in some instances it doesn’t explain the grotesque methods of human disfiguring and torture that were carried out by men of the past and by today’s men.

Why would a sane person gracefully skin a living man or a woman? Why would a sane person create torture devices from skin penetration to devices that inflict pain on a person’s genitals? Why would anyone conceptualise ways to cause the most amount of pain to someone but at the same time try to keep them alive just to prolong the suffering?

From the outside, this sort of behaviors is not only bizarre but also unnatural. Comparing humans to that of other intelligent life forms and even lesser intelligent life forms, you will see that human violent behavior towards one another is unnatural. How often do read about a group of dogs of the same species massacring other dogs of the same species? One might say that they are not as intelligent as humans. But if we are more intelligent than they are, then we should not have instances in which one group of humans torture, disfigure or enslave another group of humans.

The hate that you see in devices use to inflict severe harm on others and the hate you see in the manner in which others are treated is not a hate derived from the human race. These acts display disgust and displeasure of the human entity. The manner, in which these vile acts are carried out, shows a complete and pure hatred to the human race. Such self-hatred is not normal and cannot be found in any other life forms, so the origins of this hate has to be external.<

Some call them demons and others call them angels of the Lucifer, regardless of categorisation they are all the same. These beings detest human existence and are the reason why humans commit such distasteful acts against their own. With that said, the blame is not entirely on these demons and angels but also on the person or persons who allow themselves to be possessed in one way or another to perform these disgraceful acts against their own. Only these beings would conceptualise ways and “inspire” the minds of the idle to create and inflict great hurt on others and only these beings take pleasure in the suffering of mankind. The realisation of this would help explain the unatural behaviour of the human race.


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