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Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Man God

“Behold my power. I am the destroyer of all things good. My greed surpasses the need of my seed that comes after me. My desires of the things of today are greater than the harm it would bring to the things if tomorrow. I stand with the power of the gods in my hands. The green trees that create pests and hordes the vile beasts of the land shall be destroyed with the sharpest ores of the earth and shall be powered with the remains of the dead.

The stench of the beasts are now gone and the annoyance of the insects have finally come to an end. Seats of pondering covers the land, but with the might of the iron powered by the dead the land shall be paved flat. I will bring new life to this desolate place. Solid stones and metal ores shall cover the land. Dark nights shall be a thing of the past and the chirps of forest would pass away. Behold the power of man. Bow down to my power and glory, for even the gods envy me.”

Gradually the poison consumes the man god. Blurring the consequences of his power. The poison slowly kills him and his offspring but as the poison confuse the man god’s mind the process of death is accelerated by his power.


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