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Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Battle of the Onura

After many generations of Onura training, its use would finally be realized. It was only five years ago when the decision among the elders of the seven kingdoms voted on the upkeep of this old tradition. When a child reached the tenth year of his or her life, he or she would be possible candidates for becoming an Onuran. Each kingdom needed forty nine kids, which would be cycled every ten years. During the ten years of training, these kids learnt the customs of the Onura and the reason for the continuation of the practice. It was not uncommon, that the folks who were not trained or did not experienced the Onura were always against the continuation of this old tradition. This old tradition was the only weapon against the incoming forces of Danon.

The planet was Junia, which was the eleventh planet of Decca; the second half of the Binoctor solar system. Junia was conveniently located between Decca and Soltice but is part of the Decca system and its the prime location for Danon's progress within the two systems. Unlike some of the other planets in the Binoctor system, Junia was forewarned of the incoming attack. There was already conflicts within the seven kingdoms of Junia but, under the current circumstances these nations needed to throw aside their petty squabbles and join together against a bigger threat. Out of the seven kingdoms, Kilrion was the only kingdom that was neutral. Meanwhile, Kusing, Jukol, Pelok were in the middle of controlled conflict with Hilan, Nsijin and Dmneek over natural resources that bordered Hilan and Pelok kingdoms. The queen of Kilrion along with the outsider Quinapet who was part of the resistance against Danon's conquest throughout the system, informed the other kingdoms. Quinapet specialized in advanced weaponry and all of her weapons were custom made by her and only for her use. When she arrived on the planet several lunas earlier, her presence was not welcomed by the citizens or the queen of Kilrion. After several desperate attempts to be heard, she finally got the audience of the queen Cinneral. During the first five minutes of explaining the current situation, the queen fainted by the damning news. Several minutes after her quick recovery, the two made it their priority to inform the other kingdoms for the imminent threat that was due in five lunas.

With just four lunas remaining the seven kingdoms' Onurans were now desperately needed for the operation of the Onuras scattered across the planet. The Onuras have never been used in anyone's lifetime and this would be the first for even the folks who have been training Onurans all their lives. The Onuras were huge structures that were mainly constructed of white rock on the outside and lined with rare metals and stones on the inside. They towered above every other structure and its base covered a circular area which was surrounded by a relatively deep and wide trench of water. Their shapes were similar to that of an upside down tornado but perfectly symmetrical. The ancient symbol of the Onura hung on long white cloths from the extreme top of the structure and were evenly spaced from each other while similar but shorter cloths were found at its base. Most of the structure was inhabitable, with only the center of it being hollowed out. The center of the structure was vertically lined with dark red metal, accented with multi-colored stones. The floor of the hollowed area was made of a glass like material that shared the pattern of a dragon's iris except that the depth of the pattern descended deep into the planet.

After four lunas of organizing the Onurans from across the globe, the people of Junia was ready to defend themselves against the incoming threat. Tension grew as the battle cruisers of the Ethereals neared Strat 9 of the planet's orbit. Meanwhile, moaning family members watch their naked sons and daughters enter the Onuras. During this time the Ethereals were already penetrating the inner Strat of Junia and like falling stars they rained fiery missiles of death onto the planet.

As the Onurans ready themselves in the Onura, the earth began to shake and the water surrounding them rippled from the inner walls of the water trench. Meanwhile isolated villages and towns were being ripped apart by the Ethereals, which were now within the inhabitable atmosphere. Luckily for the citizens of Junia, the Ethereals of Danon were not aware of the Onuras' function and ignorantly ignored their presence. While the earth shook with the powering up of the Onura, the water surrounding them suddenly separated from the walls they embed and ascended into the sky to form a jelly like wall. The cloths with the symbol of the Onura gradually moved away from the Onura's wall aligning themselves parallel with the planet's surface. During this time the larger part of the Ehtereal's forces were moving into the inner Strats of the planet. Suddenly the Onuras released a sudden burst of blood red and orange energy that quickly poured across the sky. Like a destructive river of deadly swords, the blanket of energy that was flooding the sky violently cuts through the warships as they entered the inner Strat of Junia. While this stopped the rest of Ethereals from entering the planet, the ships that were destroyed during the initiating of the Onura fell to the planet's surface like meteorites causing great destruction and death to any cities or town that were nearby. The remaining ships that were within the inner Strat was quickly taken down by Quinapet,the Jankens; who were Quinapet's mercenaries and soldiers of the seven Kingdoms. Onura's shield was up and created a destructive barrier between the inhabitants of Junia and the Ethereals; the planet was safe.

Quinapet on the other hand did not fancy the current situation. The Ethereals were still orbiting the planet's outer Strat. Not knowing the actual nature of the Onura's shield, Quinapet decided to take a shot at one of the battle cruisers which was on the other end of the shield. Aiming at the nearest ship, Quinapet activate and fire at the battle cruiser using the locals ground to space cannons. The beam of light easily ripped through the shield and penetrated the hull of the battle cruiser. After several shots the ship exploded in half and started its descent to the planet.Quinapet waited for the ship to collide with the shield and when it did, it burned away like lit paper. Seeing the success and ease of execution, she order her men along with the local forces to fire freely at the battle cruisers surrounding the planet. Only after fifteen minutes, the Ethereals began to retreat. Victory was now sealed and the kingdoms of Junia celebrated as the Ethereals departed.

Even though the citizens of Junia won, their were a few places that were damaged by the crashing or attacks of Ethereal ships. Quinapet prepared herself and the Jankens for a quick departure, promising to return with defense upgrades for future attacks. Upon disembarking an unsual fluctuation was occuring in space.

“Quinapet, there seems to be an unusual energy force building on the very extreme limits of the planets outer Strat.”, one of the Jankens said over the radio.

“What kind of energy build up are you refering to?”, she asked concern.

“It seems to be some sort of portal,”, he pauses then shouts with great dispair, “something is coming through.”

Danon grand ship emerged from the portal and rested on the outer limits of the planet's atmosphere.
“Quinapet, its Danon. I repeat its Danon.” one of the Jankens shouted over the channel.

“Danon? Are you sure?” she asked with great despair.

“The ship not only looks like his but the signature matches.”

“Give me the location now.”

“Sending the information.”

Without hesitation she jumped onto the veyaj; a small hover bike, and headed to the best location to attack.

“Keep me updated on the situation. Inform me if anything changes.”


As she speedily dashed across the landscape a sudden cry is heard across the channel.

“The Craco is opening up. I repeat Craco is opening.”

“I am almost there.”

Quinapet skillfully jumped off the veyaj and firmly landed on a rocky plateau.

“HM 5269P initialize.”

Right before her a massive prototype weapon materialized. It was Quinapet's latest creation which was still a work in progress and it was going to be used for the first time. The weapon was like an oversize turret with just one insanely large barrel and was seated firmly into the ground with its tripod feet. Quinapet climbed onto the side of the mega weapon and made her way to the top back end of the weapon. Using the sensors she quickly located Danon and adjusted the weapon's trajectory. The cannon was equipped with a very powerful telescope since it is specifically design for ground to space attacks.

With the telescope, Quinapet saw the Craco in its final stages of opening. It has been said that Craco which was the lower section of the ship's bridge held the ship's most powerful weapon. Quinapet was waiting for the weapon to be expose before she fires, meanwhile the sixteen power cells can be seen charging up on the cannon's dashboard. When the Craco finally opened, there was nothing but a platform with a small bump on the edge. Quinapet quickly zoomed in and to her dismay it was Danon. Her zoom was so close that she saw his face. As she looked at him he looked back at her and gave a sly smile. Quinapet pulled away from the screen and a sudden jab of fear struck her chest. Without any delay, she fired. And with the firing of the cannon a loud and deafening boom was sent in all directions flattening all the trees that were within five kilometer radius. Like the Onura, the cannon fires a solid beam of red energy spiraled with a wild orange ribbon of energy. The beam rips across the sky creating a thunder like sound. When it passed through the thick clouds that blocked its way, it torn a hole that was ten times the size of the beam's radius.

Meanwhile, Quinapet monitored its progress as she kept a close watch on Danon; who was still standing idle. A few seconds passed and violent explosion was seen in the sky, white washing the telescope's monitor. Quinapet jabbed her fist in victory.

“I got him.”, she said over the radio.

“Great job Quinapet great job.”, one of the Janken replied with sounds of celebration in the background.

Quinapet breathesd a sigh of relief as she leaned against the back wall of the control hub. Several minutes passed and the white washed screen began to clear. As it cleared, Quinapet saw a silhouette of Danon's face. Her heart started racing and within a few seconds she can clearly see that he was unharmed.

“Code red,Danon is still alive. I repeat Danon is still alive.”, Quinapet yelled across the radio as she stared at the monitor.

“This one is for you.”, Danon lip synced to the telescope's monitor.

Quinapet felt a sudden drop deep inside her upon seeing Danon's response. She then looked up at the sky and the explosion which could still be seen in the sky was quickly sucked up by an unknown force. Zooming out, she saw Danon creating a strange sphere of energy from the explosion which was mingled with his power. The ball grew larger and larger as every second passed and when it stopped growing it slowly descended unto the planet. The ball of energy was so large that it could be seen from the planet's surface. Cries of distress and confusion can be heard across the radio as the ball neared the shield.. No-one knew if the Onura can withstand its force and the only thing that was left for many was to take cover as soon as possible. Quinapet however, remained silent in her cannon as she watched the ball descending onto the shield of Onura. During this time the ball was still linked to Danon via a thick energy string which was connected to a smaller ball of energy that stood before him.

As the ball crashed unto the shield of Onura, it spread rapidly across the sky like fast growing black roots. From the look of things it seem as though the Onura was capable of resisting the giant ball as it finally dissolves into the shield. But, the black veins remain and Danon was still linked to the remnants of the ball which were now the huge black veins. Quinapet closely observed the behavior of the black veins as they continue to grow onto the shield like wild vines. She began to ponder the purpose of the attack and with a sudden revelation she realized that the balls was not sent to break the shield but to kill its source. With that realization she saw the veins mobilizing to every location of the Onuras and slowly descended into the Onura streams towards the Onurans. The shield quickly vaporized as each Onuran was killed. More cries were heard over radio as each area shouted that the shield was down.

With the shield neutralized, a broadcast across all channels interrupted the terror.

“It is in your benefit to surrender. All opposing forces would be neutralized. Your existence on this planet is of no significance to me and if you cherish the little you have you will surrender. This planet is now part of the Neisayshan Empire. Surrender now or die.”, the voice over the channels demanded.

Without hesitation, the empires conceded to Danon's demands. With nothing left to do on the planet, Quinapet and the Jankens urgently escaped as Danon's forces quickly seized the planet's major cities and resources. This planet turned out to be a prime acquisition for Danon for it now is the mother planet of his growing Neisayshan Empire.


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