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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Gods of Sycah

      Sychah, a space that is contained within itself. It infinitely loops within itself and outside itself was inside itself. Sychah is bright and white and full with the Gods light, for the Gods lived within Sychah. The Gods of Sychah has always been like Sychah. The Gods of Sychah has played and enjoyed the existence within Sychah. Neverending enjoyment of their power that stimulates the creation and destruction of things far beyond the grandness of time itself. Their power is infinite and flows in and out of their entity without loss or gain.
            A strangeness soon entered into Sychah, for one of the many Gods decided to rest. Rest was not known to the Gods of Sychah. The never grew tired and never desired rest. Angilonghachikani became the first God that rested and in tih rest he became a spiral of great and wondrous dust. The Gods of Sychah were astounded by tih resting beauty and shortly after other Gods of Sychah to follow. As more and more Gods rested, the brilliance of Sychah dimmed and as it dimmed more and more Gods rested. Not to long after all the Gods were in deep slumber and Sychah was now covered in a thick darkness. All the Gods slept except for one, Golukinomnokimo. Tih didn't wanted to rest like the other Gods for tih desired to stay awake and not followed in the footsteps of tih fellow Gods. Unwilling tih, decided to sleep like the other Gods but only for an eternity.
            As tih rested, tih entity dissolved into trillions of powerful fiery spheres which contained tih power. They scattered outward in a spiral fashion like Angilonghachikani. As Golukinomnokimo sleep deepens, figments of tih imagination took form as spheres of matter. These spheres where not like the fiery spheres for they contained very little energy and in a beautiful fashion the figments circles the fiery spheres throughout tih resting entity. As Golukinomnokimo entered tih final stages of rest, tih begot the micro figments which brought for life on specific figments throughout tih entity. Googols of micro figments materialized on the surfaces of Golukinomnokimo figments. This became the beginning of the eternity for the micro figments. Golukinomnokimo, like the other Gods, were taken to a newer level of entertainment and imagination for the Googols of micro figments called living things were enough to keep the Gods of Sychah asleep. But when the eternity ends, the gods would awake and both the aware and unaware micro figments of the Gods would all collapse into nothingness as the Gods of Sychah resume their former self.

Tih:- Neutral pronoun of he,she,her and his.