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Sunday, October 17, 2004

The Dead Ones

Softly you thread on the fabric of your life,
For your life has no meaning.
Man has become so devoid of life,
That he turns to his creation to fill this lifeless body.
Not everyone that can breath is alive.
Not everyone that can see, eat and grow is alive.
Many of us are dead but, we are too blind to realize.

A dead man looks towards the horizons of his imagination.
For his mind dwindles on the things that are not real.
Dead people turn towards things that emulates life,
For they have been emptied of the energy that makes life meaningful,
And now feed on the things that are not real.

Things that are not real are dead.
Dead things attract dead people.
Dead people feel as if they are meaningless,
The sad thing is, that they’re meaningless.

How can we bring life to the dead?
How can we show the dead the things of the living,
When they yearn for the dead things created by the living?
They can’t see the life behind the dead things they crave,
But they feel the life emanating from the dead things.
That’s why they feed on it everyday of their dreadful life.

So, I guess the dead are attracted to life after all.
Too bad they’re unable to see the living behind the dead things they idolise.