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Wednesday, July 11, 2007

All Grown Up

Haha! You fool. You are not an adult.

What is that you say? I am childish? Well little did you know that you're just as childish as me.

Oh! So you are all grown up, while I haven't. So what makes you an adult?

Having a job and owning a car? You're more foolish than I thought.

Oh so you get laid. Whoopee! freaking doo.

I am envious? Am I.

Probably one day you will realize that we; the folks who call themselves adults, are nothing but big children pretending to be the thing we call adults. The real adults don't pretend and the real adults are wise. Unfortunately for you and a lot of others like you, such a concept has escape you and you may never understand.

Yes! When I learn to grow up I will understand. Silly me.


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