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Wednesday, July 11, 2007

The Great Sadness

Sitting under the tree he begins to crumble. The night is more desolate than usual, even though the living surrounds him. He looks at the sky but the stars hide from him. He is sad. With a great deep and painful sadness he sings. As he sings his voice travels across the mild midnight breeze, dampening the spirits of all who heard his sorrowful song. The plants wither by the resonance of his voice and the heavens cried out as the sky bled with sorrow. He is further sadden by his own singing and with this he begins to cry. His tears drips from his face and crashes against the cool earth. As it is absorbed by the earth, the earth begins to crack in pain as it feels his sorrow. As he continues to sing and cry, he continues to share his pain with all that is around. Without a warning a star falls from the sky. As the star falls it pushes away the sadness that is polluting the calmness of the night. Not knowing it is the end of his sadness, he kept sobbing and in sudden crash the star descends upon him. Renewing the calmness of the night and ending his great sadness.


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