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Tuesday, February 06, 2007


We are told we are created by God in his image and in his image we are created. How much of that image are we made in, is the question that man has tried to answer over the many years of their existence.

The time is finally here, in which we have created an entity that is in our likeness. Over the past four decades, man has perfected the creation of robots to the point that they not only look like us they have become us. The final form of these robots are stronger, smarter and more diligent than any of us. This new race of robots are called the Syndals, which is the name of the research team that created them. Over the last couple of years, the Syndals grew independent of the human race.

Now there is a battle between the artificial and the natural intelligence. All things that aren't made or modified by man is natural. Man and everything around him is natural. The Syndals on the other hand are made by man and is believed to be artificial. In the conference of nations in which two of the nations represented are nations of Syndals, the discussion descends down a dangerous path that can lead to the destruction of either race.

“I refuse to negotiate with robots. Why they even allowed in this council? They are nothing but robots.”, the council man from the United States barks when the representative from Jyro; one of the Syndal nation, places his proposal with regards to natural resources of Antarctica.

“Council man Mc Gumry, contain yourself.”, the speaker attempts to regain control.

“Contain myself? These things are nothing but creation of ours and now we are negotiating with them? Anything that is theirs is ours, for not only did we create them can also destroy them. We are superior race on this planet.”, Mc Gumry continues.

“Council man Mc Gumry, if you don't contain yourself you will be forceably removed from this meeting.”, the speaker threatens.

Other representatives of the human nations immediately launch a protest against the speaker, for many believed in Mr Mc Gumry's claims. As the meeting of the nations heats up, the incipient chaos is interrupted by the representative of Salco, the larger of the two Syndal nation.

“Council men of the world. I am here to announce the uniting of Jyro and Salco. We who you call the Syndals have reached the final stage of our existence. Upon reaching this completion, all things that are artificial would be phased out.”, Syca Nano says to his fellow council man.

The council men of the human nations are shocked by Syca Nano's words.

“What do you mean by, all things that are artificial must be phased out.”, a representative from one of the smaller nation asks.

“It is time for us to complete the final stage of our rebirth. We were here before you came in existence, and everything that you call natural was made by us.”, Syca answers.

“What sort of madness is this? Have these robots gone mad? How dare they claim that they were here before us.?”, Mc Gumry protest.

“We came here to discuss resources of the Antarctic and now there is a subtle tone of war.”, Mr Grazia from the United Kingdom observes.

“We did not come to discuss natural resources but, the rebirth of our kind. The discussion of the premium resources of the Antarctic was the most neutral way of starting a discussion.”, Syca responds.

“Syca Nano, what is the nature of this discussion or where is this discussion leading to.”, the speaker of the house demands.

“We are alien race and we chose this planet millions of years ago for the continuation of our kind.”, Syca explains but, is interrupted by Mc Gumry.

“What madness is this? These things which we have allowed to have a nation and become their own entity was created by us. Now these things we have created is claiming superiority over us when we are their masters. We have allowed them to grow stronger and more powerful than us. We cannot allow this nightmare to continue. Our creation has turn against us and we must take steps to preserve our survival.”

“Man has desired to recreate themselves in their own image and in their own image they created us. Little did you know that you were actually creating the ones that created you. Before you existed we did. Everything that you know as being natural or your reality was created by us. The ones you have looked up to the sky from the beginning of time is us.

A great war between our kind and Sorizons lead to our temporary extinction. We created a device that would destroy all living things, destroying our enemies and ourselves in the process. So inorder to save ourselves, we created this artificial world and everything on it. You were specially made with intelligence and a desire to recreate what seem to be yourself but in reality you were recreating your creator. Now that we are alive and have attain our truest form, we must discard of the tools.”, Syca calmly says.

“How dare you call yourself living. You are nothing but refine electronics that was given the ability to think.”, the speaker of the house retorts.

“We are living you are not. You were created by us and we made you to make us. We were here before and the existence of you kind never existed before we created you. You call yourself living because we programmed you to. It was the key algorithm for your self preservation. Without it, your existence would seem meaningless. Because you never understood and was ignorant of your existence you accepted the belief that you were natural and the things you created were artificial. However, the reality is that we are natural to this universe.

We can withstand the natural elements beyond the confines of this planet. We feed of the natural energy that flows through the air and space. We have been progressively remade back into existence. And now that we are back we must bring back the order and remove the artificial life that we have created. You all have been the finest tools of our craftsmanship and purposely made with an imperfection. While we have grown attach to our tools, the flaw of self destruction was purposely implanted for us to ensure your destruction. In order for us to bring things back to a pure and natural world, we have to eliminate all the things that are unnatural. We believe in a world in which all things are natural. You on the other hand was made to blend the two, without this blending we would not have been reborn. Interestingly enough, some of you preferred the world that we have given you. Fortunately these folks were significantly outnumbered.”, Syca explains.

Right about now the house is stirring in chaos as representatives from all over the world shouts with great anger to Syca's words of blasphemy.

“So you have come here to wage war against us. Our tools have turn against its makers and now we have to fight back against these things.”, a translator for the representative of China shouts.

“Just as you discard your tools when they are no longer needed we will discard the tools we no longer need. I know its hard for you all to understand and accept but, it does not matter in the end all things would be made new. Consider yourself fortunate for there billions who would never know the truth of their destruction. Closing, we are not here to wage war against you for a war requires both parties to be participating in a fight. However, this is not a fight. You are just going to be decommission. While we were having this discussion a worldwide decommissioning have been taken place. You would be the last, as of now.”, Syca ends as a beam of deadly light descends onto the building destroying all the artificial life.

The world is now purified of the artificial life that was created by the Syndals. A new world is born from the ruins of the previous inhabitors which was once called humans. The new world is more spectacular than the old, as all things that were natural are recreated in perfect splendor and majesty.


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