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Thoughts flow like a river and here is the place in which the river becomes a waterfall.

Thursday, February 24, 2005

Lajun's Resurection

Severely injured from the battle, Lajun laid on the cold muddy floor of the forest. The wind blew cold and sun was preparing for its twelve-hour slumber. Scenes of the battle faded in and out of his mind. Memories of the past rushed into his mind taking him away from the pains of the present.

“Always remember that where you put your heart is where your soul lies.”

“Yes mummy.”

Blood started to pollute his vision as he rubs his eyes with his hand freshly cut hand. Soiled clothes with several slashes and torn ends he rested against the large trunk of an old tree. His hair sagged with sweat as his limp body mold to the shape of the tree trunks in which he rested his aching body. Life was slowly taking a leave and time was nearing its retirement. Wondering if Sinika was still alive, he called under his breath

“Sinika.” Then his eyes accepted the veil of darkness and his awareness began to bury itself deep within his existence.

“Lajun? Where are you?” the wind whispered in his ear,

“Was this the dreams of a mad man or was it the answer for an unsaid prayer?” he said to himself but his will power was depleting faster for every moment his awareness peaked. Weak and feeble his lips mumble incoherently

“Um obar here.”

The wind stopped and coldness that surrounded him quickly departed. Rapid footsteps in the distance grew louder as they drew nearer.

“Over here.” A strange voice shouted, and the sound echoed through the forest.

“He is really in a bad shape.” Boic said as he leaned over Lajun’s body.

“Everything is going to be alright, just hold on. Juica would be here shortly.”

As Juica neared their location, a warm summer breeze rushed across the forest floor.

“Boic, where are you?” Juica shouted.

“Over here Juiy, over here.”

Juica quickly made here way to Boic and Lajun.

“Do you think you can revive him Juiy?

She carefully pondered as she examines Lajun condition.

“I don’t’ see why not.”

Pressing her hand against her chest with her eyes closed, she began to concentrate. Small rays of light can be seen escaping the gaps between her fingers. A few seconds after, she lifted her hand off her chest and small ball of yellow light could be seen. Cautiously she took the light and placed it on Lajun’s forehead. The light quickly sank into Lajun’s head and his eyes opened wide and his body quickly became tense as if in shock, only to fall limp again. His wounds and scares began to close up right before their eyes.

“He would be ok, cover him while he rest. We will be camping here tonight.” Juica commanded Boic.

“Do you think he is the one Juiy?”

“I am not sure, but we will find out when he wakes up.”

Monday, February 21, 2005

The Greatest Power

The greatest power in the world is love. It cannot be contain or destroyed. It is the very power that brought life to our young ones and yourselves. Love can crack the stone that hardens the evilest heart. Regardless of the strength of evil, love can conquer it all. With love the essence and the meaning of life is is more apparent. Don't allow your heart to run low on love, for it is the very reason that we are alive. Always remember that there is no power greater than love, the power than can overcome every obstacle and conquer every evil.

The Battle

The war between the Cresayshan and the Niesayshan was long and tedious. No end was insight and each side was creating more powerful technology to gain some advantage over the other. The technologies of each race were godlike in the eyes of less developed beings. The Cresayshans live to create and preserve, while the Niesayshans live to conquer and destroy. Both races were equal in might and the need to offset the balance was at its pinnacle. The strategies of each race were now etched in stone, for the end off one race was finally upon them.

Niesayshan’s long-term strategy brought them to their extinction. The Cresayshan created the weapon Hilocon, which focused the power Pysilo, Queron and Naine into one Cresayshan; making the holder of an object called the Sayar the most powerful Cresayshan of all. The Hilocon weapon emerged from the depths of the city of Kaisar. Three powerful generators called Pysilo, Queron and Naine were the source of power to the Sayar. With this weapon, the Cresayshan swarmed the city of Couvan destroying all the Niesayshan, all except for one. An unborn Niesayshan buried deep within the city’s core. With the city’s core on the verge of collapsing, Benoin the holder of the Sayar rescued the unborn Niesayshan before all was lost. The army of Cresayshans watched as the city’s core collapse, burying itself into the ground. The war finally ended with minor causalities on the Cresayshan side and the virtual extinction of the Niesayshan.

How far were the Niesayshans from building their ultimate weapon? Not far at all. Their weapon was completed and it was now unkowingly being cared for by the Cresayshans. The weapon that was created by the Niesayshan was greatly superior to that of the Hilocon. But the last part of the weapon was still in process. No one knows if their long-term strategy would pay off or if it would execute as plan but the weapon of the Niesayshan called the Kai Nos Rata would be unleashed in time.

Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Joe's Love

The disease is taking my love away. How will I be able to live without her? She is my air, my life and without her life feels meaningless. Her smiles of "everything is going to be alright" in her pain and suffering, gives me hope that she will be released from her prison. The power of our love would break the shackles of death and breathe fresh new life into her again. Young but committed, I sealed our souls together with the ring of love. The long lost half of my existence is here with me and I would not let her go without a fight. Prayers to the father which grivet life will be heard and she will be made anew. As the father frees her from her illness, he will bound us together so that our love would strengthen our existence as long as we shall live. Without doubt and without concern of my youthfulness, I will be hers and she will be mine. Together, forever our love cannot be killed, even if we are separated by death.

Monday, February 14, 2005

Xian's Master

He was determined to get the sword, which held greater power than his own. Believing that the sword was with Cyan, he fought tirelessly to acquire the sword Xian.Without knowing that the sword wasn’t in Cyan’s possesion, Cyan’s death was the only thing that would satisfy Jouya quest for the sword.

“I don’t have the sword Jouya.” Cyan replied in pain as blood seeped through his hand as he holds his chest.

“Do you think I would fall for your lies? Give me the sword or you will die.” Jouya replied and his sword began to glow.

“You already have a powerful sword, why do you need Xian?”

“It is the sword with greater power than the Hility.”

“Why do you think I have it?”

“The people you call your friends were willing to share the information, with a little persuasion off course.” Jouya said with a slight smirk on his face.

“You bastard. What have you done to my friends?”

“The same thing I would do to you if you don’t give me the sword.”

“I haven’t found it as yet. Do you think I would be standing here without it if I had it?”

“Enough of this nonsense, give me the sword now.” Jouya shouted charging towards Cyan. A sudden bolt of energy was released from the tip of Jouya sword slamming Cyan into the ground. Jouya quickly ascended into the air and with all his might he descended onto Cyan with Hility sword. Just a few seconds before Jouya sword impacted on Cyan, the Xian sword flew into Cyan’s hand knocking away his old sword.

“Nooooo.” Jouya cried out as he hit sheath of Xian.

The sword’s sheath absorbed the impact and Cyan quickly kicked Jouya off him.

“How is that possible? That sword belongs to me.”

A female voice in the not to far distance from the shadow of a tree said, “The sword has chosen it master and only its master can give up the sword. Jouya, the sword can no longer be yours.” Then the mysterious person disappeared.

“ Then you will have to die Cyan. Die.” Jouya charged again at Cyan with all his might and with all the power of the Hility sword. Cyan stood calm and collected as Jouya ran towards him steaming with hate. Right before clashing Cyan drew the sword and slashed the air as he turned away from Jouya. The force of the slash sent Jouya flying across the grassy opening off the edge of the hill. As he fell you can hear cries of regret and then there was a sudden silence. Cyan was standing in the same position from his attack immediately fell to the ground after Jouya cries went silent.


We sift through the noise of life trying to find the truth that would open our eyes to the filth that surrounds us. Hate has become our breakfast, lunch and dinner, and its flavor a force to recon with. Even though we drink the juices of jealousy, revenge and sensual pleasures we still thirst. Even though we stuff ourselves with lies, deceit and pride we still feel the hunger pains from deep within. Where is the juice that would quench our thirst? Where is the bread that nourishes our souls?

Don’t you think it is time to stop feeding on the things that is slowly devouring your soul? Deep down inside behind the lies is the truth, but it has been buried so far down and for so long that we forget that it once existed. One key phrase can push away the shadows and darkness of the lies and set the truth free. One moment of purity can set your soul free. One person can open your eyes that would make you see the filth that has always surrounded you. And one person can clean you from the filth that has stained your life and your innocence.

Monday, February 07, 2005

Neverending Love

Most feelings are conveyed in pretty words that run through your soul and chill the warm heart. But my feelings for you cannot be contained in these words. I love you so much that tears trickle down my cheeks just thinking of you. The things of the world fade when you are near me and my heart melts as you hold my hands. Time stand still and the meaning of life is revealed to me, for you are my reason for living. The love that I have for you is the love that cannot be expressed in this lifetime but in many lifetimes. You are the woman that makes me a man and without you I am just a lost boy. As the universe has no ending so is my love for you. Death would never take away my feelings for you, cause even in death my love would keep our memories alive.

You are

It is so much fun being around you. Just your presence, brings me untold joy. I love the way you smile and talk. You make the sunrays mild and make the winters cool. The unseen energy you emit when you’re around heals the pains in my heart and calms my anxiety. I am able to fly high in the sky with you by my side. You give me the strength to make it through everyday. I live and breathe because you sustain the life that keeps my heart alive. You’re a blessing from God and I am glad that I have been blessed by your presence.

Let it go

Focus, but lost in the moment of now. Sometimes things seem and feel great, but deep down inside there is a feeling of uneasiness. Can’t put the issue in perspective, but you know that it lurks around in the back of your head. “What can it be?” you ask yourself time and time again, yet you receive no answer. Looking and searching the past for answers to the off-white memory of your past, but nothing seems to stick.

Let it go and free yourself from its grasp. It hasn’t held you back from reaching your goals and it is too ashamed to show itself. Let it die in the darkness of your mind and maybe one day it will be brave enough to come into the light. Life’s treasures are waiting for you in the meantime, so don’t be discourage but uplifted knowing that it no longer spoils your fun.

Wednesday, February 02, 2005


Tunes of joy change your perspective on life. Things that were once monotonous now have meaning. Life changes from being a drag to bowl of joy. The stimulation of the tunes triggers the good times and remembering the good times causes a flood of memories that hides the gloom of the day. Let the sounds that make you happy surround you in places where life is at its worse and with the sound of past you would be able to make it through the day.